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The power of prayer can be a mighty force for people of faith.

A new prayer program is launching March 8 by Garrison Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Boulware. Pray 60 is a call to people of faith – any faith or denomination – to spend 60 seconds a day in prayer for 60 days.

“Some people pray more than this but for all of us, it is a chance to be part of a prayer group,” Boulware said.

Pray 60 originated at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where Boulware served as an assistant garrison chaplain before coming to Redstone to serve as chaplain for the Aviation and Missile Command. The Fort Knox Garrison team created Pray 60 as a play on words for the football term, “Play 60.” After its success at Fort Knox, Boulware instituted the program at AMCOM. Now in his new role at the Garrison, he is opening it to all Garrison employees and anyone who would like to participate.

Some groups gather to pray together daily but there is no requirement for organized meetings. In the past, offices, Sunday school classes and Bible studies have joined in the prayer challenge, Boulware said. He plans to email words of encouragement to participants through the 60 days.

“It gives me a venue to connect with my folks in a pastoral way and gives them a way to connect with me and ask for prayer requests,” Boulware said.

Bicentennial Chapel will have Pray 60 bracelets and reminder cards on hand for anyone who would like to participate. The 60-day program will begin March 8 and end on May 5, the National Day of Prayer.

Boulware said he hopes the program reaches out to the Team Redstone community, gives support and possibly provides solace to the hurting.

“It is a morale builder,” he said. “It can be encouraging for folks to pray in a community.”

To sign up for Pray 60, visit the Garrison’s Religious Support page and click on the box to the right marked, “Pray 60 Form.” For more information, call Bicentennial Chapel at 842-2173.


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