There are a number of commercials out there that when I watch them, I think to myself: There’s somebody, somewhere making 10x what I make to come up with this? Call me, I’ll do it for half.

Within this category of commercials, there is a particular drive-thru burger franchise – and, no I don’t want to spell it out, mainly because I don’t want to talk to their lovely PR team – who continually makes a repeat appearance.

If I were to write down all the commercials I’m talking about, this restaurant would outpace the others three to one.

So, imagine my surprise when they – and, I’m going to say unwittingly here based on their work as a whole – but when they unwittingly hit on one of the biggest problems that plagues society.

Here’s the scene: You’ve got mom, dad and child in a car. They are all eating a burger, and the question comes up what came first the hamburger or the grilled cheese.

One of them says it has to be the grilled cheese, because cheese has been around a long time. And, the other one says it has to be the burger because cows have been around a long time.

Then it ends with the dad saying “Wow, this is a good debate.”

I know it’s a 15-second spot and I’m probably asking for too much here, but my issue with the commercial is the use of the word debate.

You can debate things that are changeable like should I go to a Friendsgiving party or stay home and watch football?

Should you buy this car or that car?

Is Ohio State the most consistently overrated team throughout the history of collegiate athletics, or does that honor fall to Notre Dame?

But, what you can’t debate, though many people seem to think you can, are facts. Things like the Earth is round. The Earth orbits the sun.

Some of you will point out that there was a time when those two facts were heavily debated, and that’s true. Others of you will point out that there is a group who still debates the spherical nature of planet Earth to this day.

None of that changes the fact that all of those people who don’t think the Earth is round or travels around the sun are wrong.

What happens in today’s society too often is we extrapolate from our limited knowledge about a subject and substitute that reasoning with the actual facts associated with said subject.

We fail to realize that simply because we can’t understand something, it does not mean that the something we cannot understand is not true.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how many “facts” we use to come to our conclusions when those conclusions are, in fact ,false.

Going back to our scene above, the farming of cows, while necessary for the eventual harvesting of said cows is necessary, has nothing to do with whether or not people ate hamburgers first or grilled cheese sandwiches.

The process of making cheese, even though cheese-making is an old process and is necessary to eventually eat a grilled cheese sandwich, has nothing to do with the question of which came first, a grilled cheese sandwich or a hamburger.

But we, myself included, make these assumptions all the time. It’s hard not to. I mean it’s really hard not to. But, we’ve got to learn to think better.

For those of you who have stuck with me this far, the answer to the question you really want to know is the hamburger.

According to most, the hamburger came into existence in the late 1800s and the first grilled cheese followed around the turn of the century in the early 1900s.

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