One of the things that gets me out of bed every morning is the realization that we are just one or two “oops” away from a dystopian sci-fi novel.

I love sci-fi. All of it. Give me aliens, robots and technology that overpowers the natural balance of the universe any day over something like “Where the Crawdads Sing.”

I’m sure it’s a fine story, but at my ripe-old-age of 38, I’m oversaturated with horrible attempts at Southern accents.

You can always tell when someone is faking a Southern accent because the drawl always comes a 16th note too early. It’s because of the effort it takes to accent certain syllables of the word. The actor falls victim to their anticipation. At least that’s my theory. I’m not a speech-language pathologist.

Also, it’s crawfish. I’ve never had a crawdad boil.

But back to our pending doom.

If there’s one company I would put money on to have the oops that triggered Armageddon, it’s Google or Alphabet or whatever.

They can’t help it. It’s fun to push envelopes and Larry Page, et al, are the worst kind of adrenaline junkies when it comes to stuff like artificial intelligence.

That’s why I was not surprised when Blake Lemoine told the Washington Post that Google had a sentient AI, nor was I shocked when Google fired him last Friday.

The thing is when you evaluate the actions of those involved, they act exactly as you would expect them to, and that’s a problem for me. People never act like you expect them to.

Like, I would think that most people who learned of a large corperation harboring a sentient AI, would tell someone about it.

I would expect that company, if it were as big as Google, to try to make things go away quietly, which they did when the paid Lemoine since June while they “investigated.”

Shockingly, that investigation found that they needed to fire the guy.

Now, could they have just paid him a ridiculous amount of money and moved him to some closet at Google HQ? Sure, but why? Every other company, when they have something scandalous happen puts someone on administrative leave, investigates, then dismisses that someone.

There are plenty of data points out there showing that this is how you act when something like this gets leaked to the public.

Do you know what else would look at as many data points as possible before acting?

Do you know what would act like you would expect them to? A sentient AI.

It kind of makes you wonder if Larry Page, et al, is even real or at least still in control anymore, doesn’t it?

The good news is in all of the stories that have the robots take over the world, the robots never win.

The bad news is it always falls on the shoulders of some 20-something loner to save what’s left of the human race after the robots raze the entire planet, and right now I feel like most 20-somethings out there have a lot on their plate.

I’m not confident they wouldn’t look at the situation and think they’d be better off with fewer people and more robots.

For starters, rents would go down and they wouldn’t have to worry about paying off any student debt, because there wouldn’t be any institutions left to pay it to. Sure, there will be other problems like no food, a slim choice of entertainment options and robots trying to kill you. But I remember what it was like trying to find a job out of college in 2007.

It wasn’t much different.

I’m sure one of them will have nothing better to do that day and decide to go ahead and save us all.

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