Q1: Can we get an update on telework? It seems other agencies have already gone to telework accept for my agency.

A1: Many organizations around Redstone currently have leave and telework policies in place for their workforce. Please contact your direct leadership for clarification on your organizational policy regarding telework. RSA Tenant organization leaders are matching workforce policies to mission requirements. All employees should stay in direct contact with their supervisory chain, and contractors should communicate with their CORs for individual tenant organization updates.

Q2: My CAC is about to expire, what do I do?

A2: The One Stop is open for business. However, if that changes, we will have contingencies in place to take care of those who are in a difficult situation. Team members should make sure that their supervisor knows their CAC will expire soon.

Q3: I have an appointment at the One Stop, what should I do?

A3: Currently, the One Stop continues to provide essential services. We encourage all people who must use the facility to utilize good preventative care actions and practice social distancing while in the facility. If the status of the One Stop changes, we will notify everyone through our normal channels.

Q4: Since so many organizations both public and private are closing, will the Child Development Center Close?

A4: The Redstone Arsenal Child Development Centers will remain open to support the needs of Team Redstone while they conduct critical missions, balanced with the health and safety of those families.

Q5: I don’t have family in the area and all of the local daycares are closing. What do I do with my children, can I bring them to work?

A5: For information regarding children in the workplace, please consult your direct supervisor and Human Resources representative.

Q6: I have a Visitor’s Badge to access the installation, is it invalid for now?

A6: No, only NEW Visitor badge applications have been suspended. Existing sponsored Visitor Badges are still valid.

Q7: I have a recreation badge so I can play golf at The Links, will my recreation badge still work?

A7: Recreation badges are currently suspended, and golf is closed.

Q8: I usually workout at Pagano Gym, is it closed?

A8: Currently, Pagano Gym is closed. Please contact specific facilities for their internal Fitness Center status.

Q9: I have an appointment to get my taxes done, is the Redstone legal Assistance and Tax Center open?

A9: The Tax Center is assisting active duty personnel only. Contact their office for additional guidance. .

Q10: Are the food establishments currently open?

A10: Currently, all food operations on the installation are open for carry out orders only. Please practice good preventative care actions and practice social distancing when picking up your orders.

Q11: I use Fox Army Health Center pharmacy over the weekend, should I be concerned?

A11: We understand your concern. The affected employee has not been at work since last Wednesday, 11 March. FAHC is working diligently to identify anyone who may have come in contact with the employee prior to that date, and reaching out to them directly. If you are concerned and are showing symptoms, please contact FAHC at 256-955-8888.

Q12: I don’t know if I have enough medication, how am I going to get my refill at the FAHC pharmacy?

A12: The Fox Army Health Center Drive-through Pharmacy will reopen on Monday, March 23 for REFILLS ONLY, and the Pharmacy is currently expected to completely reopen on Wednesday, March25.

If a patient needs refills during the time that the pharmacy is closed, please contact your Primary Care Manager via the TriCare Online Portal secure messaging, contact your primary care physician’s office directly, or call for Fox Army Health Center at 256-955-8888 for assistance. Prescriptions will be sent to another Tri-Care approved pharmacy.

Q13: How do I find another pharmacy that takes Tri-Care?

A13: Please go to https://www.express-scripts.com/consumer/site/oepharmacy, check with your primary care physician’s clinic, or call Fox Army Health Center at 256-955-8888.

Q14: If I’m not feeling well and I’m concerned I’ve been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. What should I do?

A14: Please stay home and contact your Primary Care Physician immediately to arrange a consultation.

Q15: I have an appointment at Fox Army Health Center, will it be rescheduled?

A15: FAHC remains open to provide care and services to our beneficiaries other than the pharmacy which will re-open at the end of March.

For the most up-to-date information, please continue to monitor the Team Redstone website, social media platforms, and the Redstone Rocket.

Twitter: @TeamRedstone

Facebook: @TeamRedstone

Instagram: @TeamRedstoneRocket

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