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In fiscal year 2015, the Army Contracting Command-Redstone began a biweekly virtual training event covering various procurement data systems and metrics-related topics. Three years later, it grew into a formalized initiative called Operation Aristotle.

The initiative transformed into a collaborative and organic setting to engage and connect with the ACC-Redstone workforce while educating them on the Paperless Contract File system, Procurement Data Integrity and Contract Action Reporting, and Procurement Action Lead Time from a data and reporting perspective.

At the beginning of 2019, the ACC-Redstone workforce responded to a survey and strongly supported continuing the program. This birthed Operation Socrates, which is a streamlined version from previous iterations through the facilitation of monthly offerings. It is the third iteration of a strategic training program designed to deliver knowledge readiness to the ACC-Redstone workforce.

The program takes place in Bob Jones Auditorium and covers various contracting topics such as: Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System, new PCF milestones and the importance of procurement data integrity, Virtual Contracting Enterprise-Business Intelligence tool, PALT and Leading Indicators, and the Contracting Officer’s Representative Tracking Tool.

Since the program’s inception, ACC-Redstone has conducted more than 30 sessions to more than 2,000 attendees.

ACC-Redstone held its last session this fiscal year July 30 on the new Joint Appointment Module and Surveillance and Performance Monitoring module which replaced CORT on June 24. For more information, email Keith Stern at

Editor’s note: Jordan Miller is chief of the Information Management and Technology Division, ACC-Redstone.

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