Redstone Test Center has worked in collaboration with the 1103rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion Alabama National Guard and the Defense Logistics Agency to successfully divest of more than $1 million worth of old property.

Operation Clean Sweep began in June when RTC Logistics Division Chief

Rontario Hicks coordinated support from the 1103rd CSSB and DLA to remove the items from the center. Through Operation Clean Sweep, the center divested property during three days in August that has been accumulating over the past 12 years from remnants of testing.

“Back in June, our ammunition lead noticed an abundance of equipment in his area of operation,” Hicks said. “We evaluated that this would be a great initiative for the command to have our logistics team remove excess equipment to enhance readiness for RTC. The overall mission was to identify all excess equipment in and around all areas of our operations, consolidate all equipment in a central location, and coordinate with the DLA and the AL-ARNG to assist in the transportation. It truly was a team effort to accomplish this task.”

“We were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing Army resources for this mission,” RTC Commander Col. Steven Braddom said. “It involved all of our test directorates working together to support this tremendous effort by identifying, consolidating and completing the necessary paperwork to dispose of these items. We can’t thank the men and women of the 1103rd CSSB transportation team enough for their dedication and support to our critical mission.”

At the end of Operation Clean Sweep, RTC was able to turn in more than 100 tons of property valued at $1.2 million to DLA at Anniston Army Depot.

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