Spring has sprung, and the Team Redstone workforce is slowly returning to the Arsenal. As some workers return to post, however, they seem to be bringing some items with them that need to be left at home – like their unauthorized weapons.

“It’s easy to forget some of the do's and don’ts that come with working on a federal installation – especially when you’ve been working from home for over year – but, as we transition back, we need to remember that it takes everyone’s cooperation to ensure the workforce can enjoy a safe and efficient work environment,” Garrison Commander Col. Glenn Mellor said.

Mellor reminded the workforce on the do's and don’ts of coming back to work during a virtual town hall last week.

Some of the do's on the list include: hiking, biking, walking and golfing, along with a slew of other recreation opportunities offered by Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

Mellor also said the outdoor swimming pool was going to open around the end of May.

These are some of the don’ts: don’t speed or drive while under the influence, don’t take photos on post, don’t fly drones or other UAV’s on the Arsenal or carry knives with more than a 3-inch blade.

“We’ve seen an increase in traffic violations recently,” Mellor said. “And there are no firearms permitted in your vehicle … please, no handguns on Redstone Arsenal.”

Mellor added that for those who do bring handguns on post, they’ll have their guns impounded and face at least a “hefty” fine.

The Arsenal does allow select firearms on post for hunting, along with trap and skeet shooting.

Those firearms must be registered in advance. More information about registering those firearms can be found at

The process for registering a shotgun or black-powder firearm starts with the RSA Firearm Registration form. Applicants will fill out that form and bring it to the proper personnel who will then run a background check on the person and the firearm, according to MWR’s hunting website.

Normally, when someone runs a serial number on a firearm, or any item for that matter, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center says that item must be in your possession or physically present, but since patrons are not allowed to bring an unregistered firearm onto Redstone Arsenal, the ACJIC allowed an exception for Redstone Arsenal.

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