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In recognition of and appreciation for his significant contributions to Army aviation for the past 40 years, the Army Aviation Association of America inducted Tod Glidewell into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame at a ceremony Nov. 16.

Glidewell is the future aviation sustainment and modernization lead for the Aviation and Missile Command’s G-3/-5S Strategy, Concepts and Plans Directorate. He has held that position since 2015, the same year he retired from a 30-year career on active duty with the Army.

The impetus for Glidewell’s hall of fame nomination is a lengthy career that had a profound impact on Army aviation.

“I was aware that I had been submitted several years ago but never believed I would be selected,” he said. “I was taken aback when I was notified that we had been selected. I know several members of the hall of fame; they’re mentors and I continue to look up to them. It is an incredible honor.”

Glidewell served as command sergeant major for the Combat Readiness and Safety Center at Fort Rucker from 2007-09, where his efforts contributed to the lowest accident rates since the mid-1970s.

From 2009-12, he was the Army Aviation Branch command sergeant major for the Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort Rucker. During his tenure, Glidewell developed methods to train 25,000 Soldiers and grew the aviation branch to 13 combat aviation brigades. He transformed outdated processes and used technology to produce the first paperless Noncommissioned Officer Academy in the Training and Doctrine Command.

From 2012-14, Glidewell served as AMCOM command sergeant major and principal adviser to the commanding general and members of the lifecycle management command team. In this position, he provided subject matter expertise and perspective to AMCOM and the program management offices that are still being used today. Glidewell’s technical knowledge set the standard in aviation enlisted Soldier training.

“The Army and aviation readiness are a team sport,” Glidewell said. “This selection was truly a team effort and the Soldiers, civilians and families I collectively served with over the last 40 years also earned and deserve this recognition.”

The Army Aviation Hall of Fame honors commissioned, warrant and noncommissioned officers, Soldiers and civilians from government and industry who have contributed to Army aviation. The Hall of Fame is located within the Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker.

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