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The Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Warrant Officer Shane Henry led the 375th Engineering Company team to a second-place finish in the Combined Arms competition at the Army Reserves Small Arms Championship at Camp Robinson, Arkansas,

The event was hosted by the Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program.

Henry, an audit technician at the center, was invited by his 1st Sgt. Todd Month to coach a four-Soldier team. Henry’s team included Staff Sgt. Ryan Turner, Staff Sgt. Jason Brothers, Sgt. Machaela Jex-Pirtle, and Spc. Tyler Patterson, all of whom had the top rifle qualifications scores in the 375th Engineer Company.

The competition consisted of three rifle matches leading up to the new rifle qualification, three pistol matches leading up to the new pistol qualification, and a combined arms match.

Initially intending on solely filling the role of coach, upon arrival, four more teams were needed, and Henry’s name was pulled as one of the coaches to compete.

The only training that Henry had recently completed was a five-day hog hunting trip in South Alabama. But he placed 43rd in overall rifle, 58th in overall pistol, and 49th in the overall combined arms event. The hog hunt provided “a target rich environment” that assisted in preparing for competition, Henry said.

“It was a unique atmosphere where everyone there really wanted to learn, improve and share their experiences to help others. Each competitor pulled their own weight throughout the competition,” he said.

One of Henry’s team members, Brothers, took first place in the individual competition.

“This was some of the best training of my 18 years in the USAR. Each of the instructors was excited to talk to you about how to help you improve your own unit’s shooting. It was lots of fun, good conversation and very tiring,” Henry said.

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