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The term “going paperless” has been tossed around for many years throughout the Army. But the Aviation and Missile Command’s Office of the Chief Information Officer G6 and AMCOM Logistics Center have given real life to these words.

The CIO/G6, Information Management Services provides scanning services to all AMCOM organizations to support the Army’s goal of a paperless organization while complying with Army Records Information Management System guidelines. IMS provides complete support to include scanning, storage and granting access to digital documentation. The scanned documents can be delivered to the customer in either PDF or tif formats, or customers can store and access their records through Laserfiche.

In March 2014, the AMCOM CIO/G6, Information Management Branch, received a request from the ALC, Field Support and Readiness Branch, for scanning support. The scanning process began on April 1, 2014, and by May 2015 a total of 75,600 pages had been scanned. As a result of the scanning effort, information is now easily accessible and available worldwide to all AMCOM logistics assistance representatives at a keystroke while simultaneously eliminating nine filing cabinets of paper documentation.

ALC Field Support and Readiness Directorate’s Michael Brewer, a budget officer/customer support lead, and Kevin Kidd, a management specialist, thanked the AMCOM CIO/G6 for implementing the paperless records for its LAR workforce. They presented twins Judy and Patsy Hendrix with an award for their exceptional achievement and support in providing the scanning services. Each received a plaque which contained a Certificate of Appreciation and a flag that was flown aboard an Army UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter over the skies of Regional Command East, Afghanistan, during a combat mission for Operation Resolute Support.

If you want to achieve similar results of reducing storage space and increasing efficiency, then begin the journey of going paperless by calling the CIO/G6, Information Management Branch, at 313-2595.

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