The Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center has two new principal deputies to assist in its vision to be a warfighter-focused team of leaders in aviation and missile technologies and life cycle engineering.

AvMC Executive Director Juanita Christensen announced the selection of principal deputies for the center’s Systems Readiness Directorate and Technology Development Directorate in June. Carol Holcomb is the new principal deputy for SRD; Christi Dolbeer will serve as the principal deputy for TDD.

“The combination of the leadership and technical experience of both of these candidates will clearly be an asset to the future of the AvMC organization,” Christensen said.

Holcomb is responsible for helping lead the center’s readiness- and sustainment-based services, to include airworthiness, while Dolbeer will assist in leading the directorate that facilitates the center’s science and technology core competencies. AvMC serves as the Army’s focal point for research, development, and engineering technology for aviation and missile platforms across the life cycle.

AvMC core technical competencies depend upon a preeminent, multidisciplinary, adaptive workforce that conducts leading-edge research, development, and life cycle engineering, while promoting discovery and innovation across government, academia and industry.

Originally from Decatur, Dolbeer received her bachelor’s in chemical engineering and master’s in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She began her government career as a co-op in 1991. Dolbeer is recognized as a subject matter expert in propulsion and has provided leadership in the areas of energetics, propulsion, warheads and fuzing, missile sustainment, controls and electronics, composite materials, corrosion prevention and control, platform integration and propulsion/energetic testing. Dolbeer previously served as an associate director for the former AvMC Weapons Development & Integration Directorate, as an acting deputy director for WDI and the former Engineering Directorate, and most recently as acting principal deputy of the Systems Readiness Directorate.

“I enjoy the opportunity to help the warfighter, to give them better technology and confidence in their weapons,” Dolbeer said.

A Huntsville native, Holcomb started her government career in 1988 as a co-op at the Test and Evaluation Command, and joined AvMC – then the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center – in 2003. She has held a variety of roles, to include time spent as the technical deputy for materiel suitability for SRD and as the associate director for product/mission assurance in the former Engineering Directorate. She is considered a distinguished technical expert in planning, developing, managing, and executing Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command programs.

“I look forward to being part of the new Army Futures Command, helping to develop and formulate how we move forward, how we do better at modernizing the Army. Identifying where we can improve ourselves in terms of processes and efficiencies is fundamentally how we get a better, more reliable, sustainable product quicker to the field,” Holcomb said.

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