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With the assumption of Installation Management Command, Army Materiel Command also gained responsibility for the organization that focuses on Army environmental compliance, conservation and restoration.

Housed at historic Fort Sam Houston, a part of Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, the Army Environmental Command is made up of civilian subject matter experts in a variety of fields including environmental engineers, geologists, biologists and other scientists.

“AMC is enthusiastic about the future of fully integrating the IMCOM-USAEC environmental team,” G-4 Director Mark Morrison said. “The reorganization now leverages USAEC expertise and support across the Organic Industrial Base enterprise, creating a force multiplier in support of our environmental personnel at our industrial major subordinate commands and installations.”

USAEC assists in environmental assessments and recommends solutions for Army installations to maximize the capabilities and use of Army training lands through environmental stewardship practices.

“We enable our Army’s readiness through sound and sustainable environmental program execution with our local, Army and DOD enterprise partners,” USAEC Commander Col. Isaac Manigault said.

In regard to assessing installations for future environmental concerns, USAEC representatives support the AMC enterprise by proactively conducting National Environmental Policy analysis. This analysis is done whenever the Army is considering making a decision that will impact the environment and communities surrounding the installation.

The command also works with the Corps of Engineers to identify requirements installations can expect from legislation being considered both at the federal and state levels.

Another responsibility of USAEC is to help manage Army lands in order to maximize capability and minimize the Army’s footprint. USAEC is responsible for setting up agreements that create buffer zones around AMC installations to minimize noise effects and provide habitat and conservation opportunities for threatened and endangered species. The Army Compatible Use Buffer program seeks to lessen the environmental impact on installations, while strengthening relationships with neighboring communities.

The command looks to save the Army money and avoid operational restrictions across the enterprise by making sure installations are compliant with current environmental laws. USAEC representatives conduct Environmental Performance Assessments and Assistance visits and audits of Army installation operations to ensure employees are complying with local, state and federal environmental requirements.

USAEC responsibilities support three of the seven AMC Strategic Support Area focus areas: installation readiness, strategic power projection readiness and industrial base readiness, Manigault said.

“Our command priorities remain aligned with IMCOM and AMC strategic focus areas,” he said. “Our workforce remains skilled, ready and committed to ensure that our Army’s mission and priorities are achieved as a result of our efforts.”

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