WASHINGTON – “Industrial Base: A Critical Component of the Strategic Support Area in Multi-Domain Operations” was the theme of this year’s House Military Depot and Industrial Facilities Caucus, July 18.

The annual meeting encourages candid dialogue between Army Materiel Command leaders and Congress about the Army’s priorities in sustaining readiness for the total force through a national-level maintenance process.

Army Materiel Command Commander Gen. Gus Perna discussed the importance of AMC being nested with Army Futures Command so the depots can prepare to adapt, modernize and train for new equipment in support of AFC.

“If we do not do this, we will not be able to surge to meet the next war, as industry does not have the capability to surge to meet new requirements,” Perna told congressional representatives.

Perna emphasized the importance of the Organic Industrial Base to the warfighter and the nation. He provided an overview of recent upgrades to some of the 23 manufacturing arsenals, maintenance depots and ammunition plants overseen by the command.

Perna also discussed the Repair Cycle Float and how it will bring stability to the depots and increase

readiness in the field. Repair Cycle Float assets are issued to units to replace systems and equipment turned in for a depot repair program, ensuring units remain fully equipped and ready.

The caucus, co-chaired by U.S. Representatives Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) and Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) is a bipartisan group of House members dedicated to policy issues that affect military industrial facilities, including depots, arsenals, ammunition plants, shipyards and energetic material production facilities. The caucus serves to educate other members of Congress on matters of importance to the military depot and industrial facility community, as well as advocate for necessary changes in policy.

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