German award

Thomas Doss, of PEO Missiles and Space, has received “The Cross of honor of the Bundeswehr in Silver” award from the Federal Republic of Germany for his tireless work, dedication, and problem solving acumen during development of the Tactical Air Defense System.

The prestigious award, signed by the previous Federal Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, signifies a “visible commendation for loyal service and exemplary execution of duties.” 

During passionate and sometimes difficult dealings over the past five years, Doss was the ideal type of technical diplomat: reliable in his statements, professional in his conduct, skilled in questions of substance, loyal in his guidance, and flexible in the search for solutions. When others insisted on sticking with a categorical “no” in complex negotiating situations, he relentlessly sought to reach a joint “yes.” In such difficult and complex situations, Doss worked openly, and behind the scenes, to strengthen the cooperation to the benefit of both countries.

TLVS was Germany’s logical follow on to the Medium Extended Air Defense System project, a joint venture between Germany, Italy and the U.S. government. Officials commenced intensive talks and negotiations to initiate the necessary foreign military sales contracts with the U.S. government. From the very start of the first technical interchange meeting, Doss, served as chief negotiator for the U.S. government and became a guarantor of successful and constructive talks. He consistently injected positive momentum into the talks and always found solutions.

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