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For the men and women who work there, it must be more than just a job or a paycheck – the Army Futures Command is depending on the Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center for output.

Juanita Christensen, CCDC Aviation & Missile Center executive director, addressed her workforce in a town hall Sept. 30, updating them on the critical products and activities the center is supporting, as well as the resources and processes available to employees to help them successfully support the mission and their own careers.

“Our outputs are extremely critical from Gen. (John) Murray’s perspective,” Christensen said, referring to the commander of AFC. “It is no longer about just coming to work and doing a great job. We have to produce outputs as a part of that.”

Christensen pointed to a few recent accomplishments, such as the July test flight of the Modular Missile Technologies Control Test Vehicle that showed successful completion of the control logic, verifying the guidance, navigation, control software and propulsion subsystems. In addition, the center’s Systems Simulation, Software and Integration Directorate enhanced Army aviation readiness through the worldwide fielding of the Aircraft Notebook system, which they developed, thus modernizing Army aviation logistics.

“This is an area that you wouldn’t normally see assigned to us, but this is an area that Gen. (Gus) Perna, at the four-star level of Army Materiel Command, felt that we were the center of excellence to produce,” Christensen said of S3I. “That’s a success to the team.”

Keeping in line with her focus on people, products, partnerships and processes, as part of her presentation Christensen recognized employees for a variety of achievements. Awardees included, for 30 years of service: Mike Cole, Janet Davis, Robert Little, Allen Neeley, Steven Vanstone and Bobby Wright; and for 35 years: David Abell, James Clements, Tracy Hudson, James Kirsch, Todd Obradovich, Eugene Steele and Darren Thompson. Russ Wetzel was recognized with a Civilian Service Commendation Medal, and Kirsch congratulated for entering the Senior Executive Service as the director of S3I.

“This is always a great moment for me because it allows me a chance to award and recognize our people, and the work that we do here at our center,” Christensen said. “We are preparing for the future here and I need you all to help us accomplish that as an overall mission for this organization.”

Garrison Commander Col. Kelsey Smith also addressed the center’s workforce – Redstone Arsenal’s largest employee population – speaking on a variety of topics, to include speeding and gate traffic. Smith announced the Garrison received approximately $4.7 million to begin renovations on the second floor of building 5400 A-wing.

“You will notice Redstone Arsenal, as well as CCDC, is investing in our future,” Smith said. “We need to take that space that used to be laboratories and turn it from admin back to laboratory space. We are working with CCDC every day to realize that.”

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