A strong work ethic combined with determination, reliability and productivity have led to recognition for 13 Army Materiel Command employees in the organization’s Employee of the Quarter awards program.

The employees share qualities that award recipients Richard Coates of AMC’s headquarters and Tim Hanson of AMC’s Security Assistance Command said are common among all employees who excel at their jobs.

“A strong work ethic is very important and so is your determination to meet your job objectives,” Coates said. “Being reliable, productive and dedicated to doing the very best work you can are all good qualities for successful employees. For me, I never like leaving something undone so that someone else has to pick up the slack for me. When I’m at work, I’m there to do a job and to do the best job I can.”

Employees who continually seek to improve their capabilities make themselves successful, said Hanson, who works for USASAC’s Public Affairs Office.

“I’m big on self-assessment and self-improvement,” he said. “Regardless of the product or task I complete, I always try and go back and be critical of what I did right and what I can do better the next time. I’m also a really big believer in feedback. Allowing my work to be seen and critiqued from others’ viewpoints gives me perspectives I may not have considered before.”

AMC’s Employee of the Quarter program recognizes employees for their outstanding and innovative contributions that have a direct positive impact on AMC’s mission. In addition to recognizing outstanding work performance, the award also recognizes employee abilities to promote a culture of achievement and productivity, contribute to a positive work environment, increase retention and improve employee engagement to impact overall morale. 

Coates and Hanson are among employees selected from across the AMC enterprise for their accomplishments during the third quarter of fiscal year 2020. During that time, Coates served as the executive officer for AMC headquarter’s Strategic Initiative Group, where he oversaw special projects for the commanding general, produced the SIG’s historical report, managed the SIG Sharepoint site and a variety of office operations, and mentored developmental employees, among other tasks. Since then, Coates has moved on to a position with AMC’s Congressional Affairs Office.

“I’m very appreciative that my supervisor Mike Mullins thought enough of me to put me in for an award,” Coates said. “Awards like this show that leadership is looking out for their people and know how important it is to see them get recognized.”

Hanson is recognized for the videos he produced, distributed and publicized when the USASAC-hosted Holocaust Remembrance Observance had to go virtual in April 2020 due to COVID-19.

“When the observance program went virtual, it allowed me to take the lead as the primary videographer. Sharing the stories of four individuals directly or indirectly impacted by the Holocaust along with other stories from that time in history has been the biggest highlight of my broadcasting career,” Hanson said.

Wanting to increase video viewing throughout the Army and local community, Hanson developed seven videos to be aired throughout April and a campaign strategy to ensure maximum exposure. He also shared the videos with U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and local television stations. As a result, the videos receive 150,000 views from across all of our platforms.

“I’m thankful my supervisor Kim Capehart had faith in me to give me a leadership role within the program, and the support I received from USASAC and my public affairs teammates is really why the observance was a success,” Hanson said.

“Receiving recognition is big for morale anytime, whether you receive that from fellow employees, your supervisor or from the organizational level. It validates you’re doing something right and moving in the right direction professionally, and reinforces the value you bring to your organization.”

Employees of the quarter are displayed on the lobby monitors at AMC headquarters and recognized within their organizations.

Employees of the Quarter for third quarter, fiscal year 2020 are:

Richard Coates, executive officer, AMC headquarters, for consistently outstanding performance of duty in all administrative, logistics and automation fields, enhancing the ability of the commanding general to execute the AMC mission. 

George Holland, chief, Contract Administration Division, Army Contracting Command, for negotiating savings totaling $1.9 billion, directly contributing to the initiative of returning funds for AMC and Army priorities by providing management expertise to effectively allocate unbalanced resources to the most needed areas of operation. 

Max Song, division chief, System Support Operations, Financial Management Command, for leading his team to successfully deploy GFEBS-SA to the Army Intelligence and Security Command community, ensuring technological capabilities maturation and evolution were aligned with the Army’s and FMCOM’s goals and objectives. 

Kevin Threats, packaging specialist, Aviation and Missile Command, for leading the formulation of a packaging design proposal that would create a cost reduction alternative for the future RQ-11C Raven, Mid-Range Reconnaissance and Short-Range Reconnaissance systems, providing a cost avoidance prospect of $2.34 million.

Un Hyang Chon, management analyst, Medical Logistics Command, for superior attention to detail that was key to her ability to communicate and synchronize across echelons to transform organizational structure and optimize medical materiel commodity management across the Korean Peninsula. 

Ralph Dunton, logistics management specialist, Army Sustainment Command, for establishing procedures for the Cargo Movement and Operations System that eliminated funds verification delay and reduced wait time from 72 hours to eight hours; for reviewing, reconciling and processing monthly statements totaling over $185,000; and for increasing the readiness posture of Logistics Readiness Center, Detroit Arsenal. 

Sai Liu, computer engineer, Communications-Electronics Command, for serving as a subject matter expert and development

lead for the Command, Control and

Communications Tactical Mission Command Division, Command Post Applications Branch as the division’s employees worked to provide solutions to software development during COVID-19.

Joshua Trujillo, information technology specialist, Chemical Materials Activity, for ensuring 100% network user system compliance for Pueblo Chemical Depot personnel, upgrading 495 computers and rectifying 23 Controlled Systems issues, while serving as the information security systems manager, information systems owner and rapids site security manager.

William Ingram, division chief, Installation Management Command, for generating a cost saving of $300,000 by resizing transformers and improved traffic signal maintenance, resulting in a cost avoidance of $60,000 per year.

George Pennington, storage specialist, Joint Munitions Command, for providing solutions that directly enabled steady depot workload for eight years; generated an additional $3.7 million in revenue from Air Force MK82 work; and resulted in relocation of Joint Direct Attach Munitions refurbishment, storage and distribution to Blue Grass Army Depot.

Juan Carrillo, supervisory traffic management specialist, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, for executing his daily duties with great attention to detail and professionalism, setting the bar of professional excellence and increasing the command’s efficiency of vessel operations.

Mark Konwinski, lead logistics management specialist, Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, for serving as the lead maintenance point-of-contact for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, coordinating with various stakeholders across the Army to create the first Non-Combat Operation Maintenance Plans message and Quality Assurance/Quality Control checklist for the HMMWV released by the Army.

Tim Hanson, public affairs specialist, Security Assistance Command, for serving as the team lead for the USASAC-hosted Team Redstone all-virtual 2020 Holocaust Days of Remembrance Observation, which was abruptly restructured due to COVID-19 safety measures, with his produced videos becoming the centerpiece of USASAC’s electronic observance.

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