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Aviation and Missile Command’s new Equal Employment Opportunity director may be a familiar face to some working on Redstone Arsenal.

Kara Carter-Price, a Youngstown, Ohio, native, considers the Huntsville area her home-away-from-hometown after spending 15 years of her career working with the Garrison’s EEO office. She is a graduate of the Garrison’s local intern program and earned a master’s in social work concentrating in policy, planning and administration from Alabama A&M University.

In her new role, Carter-Price serves as principal adviser to AMCOM leaders and employees in all matters related to civilian equal employment opportunity. She also provides oversight of AMCOM’s subordinate-command EEO programs at Letterkenny Army Depot, Pennsylvania; and Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas.

“EEO’s goal is to continually improve the program,” she said. “We strive for a work environment free of unlawful discrimination that reflects our nation’s diversity.”

Achieving that goal takes EEO professionals who are committed experts in their field; a constant visibility of EEO components, like affirmative employment; continued compliance with proactive mentoring and a decrease in the number of complaints; and viable special emphasis programs, Carter-Price said.

“I believe that a proactive program can significantly curb the need for punitive processes,” she said. “Ensuring access to EEO information and making sure that people know where to go for assistance, even if it’s just an informal chat about the policies and requirements, can help people make better decisions for themselves and others.”

Before becoming an Army civilian, she was a social worker with Alabama and an emergency service dispatcher for Huntsville, both of which she credits with helping to prepare her for addressing social issues in a corporate workplace environment. She is a certified mediator/register neutral and an Army EEO counselor trainer.

Carter-Price’s career took her away from the Arsenal in 2015 to the Installation Management Command’s headquarters in San Antonio where she served as an EEO specialist. Her selection as AMCOM’s new EEO director not only offered a challenging and meaningful work opportunity – it meant coming “home.”

“I like Huntsville a lot and was trying to get back to the area,” Carter-Price said. “My son and I have lots of good memories, friends and family here.

“Serving with AMCOM has special significance to me and my family. I have an uncle who lives here – he retired from AMCOM after about 35 years in the procurement office. That family connection makes me even more proud to now be serving with AMCOM.”

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