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The Logistics Data Analysis Center is ready to support the Strategic Support Area in Multi-Domain Operations with a new cloud-based tool to aid senior leader decision making.

As of Feb. 1, the Army redesignated Logistics Support Activity to LDAC. Since then, the LDAC team has reshaped its mission to support the Army Materiel Command commander’s intent.

“LDAC is pivoting away from its traditional role providing direct support to the tactical Army,” LDAC Director Col. Deacon Maddox said. “We have a very basic end state. We want the commanding general to be able to see himself and make informed decisions.”

LDAC has five sections:

Data management is responsible for the master data, everything that drives decisions in the Army.

Strategic decision support works with large data sets to generate decision support.

Operational decision support works with the field to generate requirements to hand off to the program management team.

Program management writes code, developing tools and making sure systems migrate to the cloud.

Life cycle support helps with the transition to sustainment, bridging AMC and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology with data and publications.

The organization is still evolving to support the Army’s priorities. As the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems is developing the Army Vantage tool, for Army senior leaders to access data, LDAC is developing a tool for AMC to manage and import data.

The Strategic Support Area Business Reporting Environment tool will import data into Army Vantage for Army top leaders to access information that has been quality checked by the LDAC team.

“SABRE is the logical next step in the way we store, manage and work with sustainment data,” Maddox said. “It will not be just a warehouse, it will be a workspace where people can access and work with large sets of data to find answers and insights on their operations.”

The tool gives AMC and its major subordinate commands the ability to share data and solutions in one place, with common tools in a common language.

“It will be a place for people to input data,” Maddox said. “It’s a place where people will collaborate to generate informed options for leaders making a decision.”

As this software is being developed, LDAC is also working to improve the way data from the Army’s enterprise resource planning systems connect to the Army Vantage. The team is working on connectors that will better sync ERP data to Army Vantage and SABRE, lessening the likelihood of outdated data entering the system.

“A key consideration for us is latency of data, and making sure everyone can access the most current data available, so that we are as close to real time as we can get with our current technology,” Maddox said. “Data latency is the enemy of good decision making.”

Through all the changes, Maddox said the LDAC workforce sees a renewed sense of purpose.

`“Data is the hub of everything that happens in the Strategic Support Area,” Maddox said. “It goes beyond deployments. It touches every facet of what the materiel enterprise does.”

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