Redstone Arsenal has another Stalwart Award winner.

Kaela Hamby, the MILCON branch chief in the master planning division of the Garrison’s Directorate of Public Works, is the third Garrison employee to be presented with a Stalwart Award this year. Hamby was recognized for her work on the Redstone Arsenal master plan, which has made it possible for the Arsenal to provide services to new tenants like the FBI and Defense Acquisition University.

Fourteen total awards were given at the ceremony, which took place virtually Nov. 17. The awards were divided among IMCOM Europe, IMCOM Pacific, Sustainment, Readiness, Training, and Installation Management Command headquarters. Garrison Commander Col. Glenn Mellor presented Hamby with a medal, a certificate and a shadowbox honoring the achievement.

Hamby has worked for Redstone Arsenal since 2010, when she graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in interior design. Hamby quickly realized she had a passion for master planning and went back to school to receive her master’s in urban and regional planning from Alabama A&M University in 2015.

Then, she got to work on the master plan. “It was really outdated,” Hamby said of the plan she inherited. “So, we kind of started from scratch and made it what it is today, and we’re growing and bringing on new missions.”

The master plan, Hamby said, sort of acts as a guide to help ensure that all the tenant organizations and missions on the Arsenal are as successful as possible.

“The real property master plan is kind of the foundation,” she said. “The goal is to use our resources efficiently and make sure that all our diverse missions are compatible.”

Jake Roth, the master planning division chief, said he was honored to have the opportunity to nominate Hamby.

“Kaela immediately came to my mind just because of the strong customer service focus she has,” Roth said. “She has a great way of figuring out for tenants how to walk through the ‘Army method.’

“On top of that, Kaela has always been very good, with her planning background, at making sure that we’re doing smart things for Redstone,” Roth said. “Her ability to decipher and plan what needs to go where on the Arsenal has really helped us grow, not just in the Army realm, but into some of these federal agencies that are out here. “

Before Hamby started at the Garrison, Roth said, the master plan was just a document in a file. “She convinced, through her work ethic and efforts at the planning level, leadership to find the value in these plans, and they turned out to be very valuable.”

Hamby was surprised by the award and honored by the opportunity to represent Redstone Arsenal as a Stalwart Award winner.

“Working for DPW, I have great co-workers and great leadership,” Hamby said. “For them to value the work that I’ve done over the past 11 plus years is humbling.”

Hamby said she looks forward to the next chapter and is excited to see where the master plan can lead Redstone Arsenal in the future.

She is the Directorate of Public Works’ third recipient of the Stalwart Award within two years. Last year’s winners included Jordan Matthews, now of IMCOM Directorate-Sustainment, and Christina Fults.

 “In a two-year period, we’ve now got three winners which is very good in my opinion,” Joey Skinner, the Garrison’s director of public works, said.

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