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Digital Garrison, the app that recently replaced Redstone Explorer, needs more users.

The Digital Garrison app had just over 2,500 users at the beginning of the month and Garrison leaders are hoping to see an increase of at least 300 more by the end of the month as the Army pushes to reach 100,000 users.

The app’s goal is to provide the local installation community with information about quality of life services, command information, push notifications for high-priority information, location mapping, single sign-on, personalized home page, mobile shopping, mobile wallet, AAFES promotions and coupons, and in-app feedback.

“This can be a great tool that will allow us to have a direct line of communication with people who care about and are affected by what happens on post,” Garrison Commander Col. Glenn Mellor said. “But in order to make the app better, we need user’s feedback. The more users the better.”

Since the Army partnered with Army and Air Force Exchange Service to create Digital Garrison, the app has continually been refined and updated based on the feedback from users.

Right now, according the Mellor, the team is working on making push notifications, like the ones users used to receive from Redstone Explorer about noise alerts, better and more efficient.

These updates are designed to benefit even the casual user who just lives near Redstone and would like to know when to expect loud noises coming from the post.

The idea to consolidate apps came in summer 2019. The Installation Management Command was working to develop two apps to correspond with its two networks and AAFES was developing its own app. All three of the apps in development had a similar goal, thus the IMCOM commanding general and the AAFES director and CEO decided to work together to develop a single app.

Digital Garrison is available to anyone via the various app stores like Apple’s and Android’s and it is customizable to Redstone. Users are encouraged to register for an account, but it’s not necessary. Once downloaded users can select Redstone as their “home” installation to ensure they get the latest updates that pertain to them. For users who travel among many Army posts, this selection can be changed based on their current location.

“I can’t stress enough that we need your help to make this the best app it can be,” Mellor said.

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