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Information stored on the hard drives at Redstone Arsenal is about to get a little more secure.

Starting May 3, the Redstone Network Enterprise Center System Configuration Team will begin the process of enabling a feature of Microsoft’s BitLocker on everyone’s computer that will require them to enter a PIN each time they turn their computer on, according to Douglas Dub, branch chief at the system support branch of the Network Enterprise Center.

“Your hard drive is already encrypted, but what we are doing now is requiring a PIN before you log in,” Dub said.

The new login process will go something like this: turn on your computer, enter your BitLocker PIN, insert your Common Access Card, hit control, alt, delete and then proceed to login like normal.

The personal identification numbers will be assigned to each user by their information management office and each individual IMO will tell workers when to expect the change to take place.

Currently, each IMO is reviewing the activation schedule and Dub expects it to be finalized by April 27.

Turning the feature on is a rather simple process, according to Dub, and he said the rollout should be complete by May 31.

This includes machines that are located on post and the ones that belong to those who are working from home.

“When we get started and do it, we’ll deploy a configuration change to the computers that we target,” Dub said. “And it’s just going to say ‘turn the PIN on.’ That’s it. There’s no loading. There’s nothing significant that’s going to happen other than we’re going to turn the feature on.”

While it’s important to commit the PIN to memory and not lose it, if someone were to forget it and get locked out of their system all is not lost.

According to Dub, the fix would be to put a ticket into the Army Enterprise Service Desk and they should be able to unlock the hard drive and reset the PIN for the user.

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