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NASA has awarded the Marshall Operations, Systems, Services and Integration contract at Marshall Space Flight Center to SGT LLC of Greenbelt, Maryland.

The company will provide the necessary management, personnel, equipment and supplies to ensure mission operations and ground systems development services for NASA programs, project offices, payload developers, educational institutions, international partner space agencies and commercial partners at Marshall.

The cost-plus-award fee mission services contract – with an indefinite-delivery and indefinite-quantity component – has a base period of one year, which begins Oct. 1. The base period will be followed by one two-year option and five one-year option periods, which may be exercised at NASA’s discretion. The contract has a potential mission services value of $570.3 million, including options.

Under the contract, SGT LLC will be responsible for providing support and products for the development and execution of spaceflight operations that are the responsibility of the Human Exploration Development & Operations Office at Marshall.

These services include multiprogram facilities, systems and services – both local and remote – that support various spacecraft, payload, satellite and propulsion systems operations. This support also includes the Huntsville Operations Support Center, which enables all mission phases, including planning, testing, simulations, prelaunch, launch, postflight and all aspects of flight operations.

The Human Exploration Development & Operations Office also provides engineering, operations, maintenance and system development services and tools to program and project requirements. Primary program customers include the International Space Station Program, led by NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and the Space Launch System Program, led by Marshall.

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