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Leaders of the Aviation and Missile Command gathered at Bob Jones Auditorium Nov. 4-5 while the majority of AMCOM 101 participants logged in virtually to take part in the two-day event.

Soldiers and civilians participated in presentations and discussions focused on readiness and sustainment across the aviation enterprise. The forum also provides the participants a chance to learn about new aviation technology and its integration into their field.

“AMCOM 101 is all about providing command teams and Soldiers in the field the information and knowledge of how they can leverage the enterprise to enable their readiness,” Maj. Gen. Todd Royar, AMCOM commander, said. “Despite the challenges of doing it virtually this time, I’m proud of the entire team for putting it on and even more proud of those that dialed in for it.”

The aviation professionals received briefings and were able to discuss several key topics during the forum. The first day was filled with updates from AMCOM, Future Vertical Lift Cross Functional Team, and Army Aviation Center of Excellence. In addition, tactical and operational topics were covered ranging from field level maintenance support, sustainment level maintenance and advance military occupational specialty training.

“The aim of AMCOM 101 is to help sustain readiness across the aviation branch,” Chief Warrant Officer 5 Mike Cavaco, AMCOM Aviation Branch maintenance officer, said. “It also provides an opportunity for supporting organizations here at Redstone Arsenal to hear firsthand the challenges and concerns faced by units in the field.”

On the second day, the topics focused on the strategic operations within the Aviation Branch, such as logistics information readiness and materiel readiness.

“First is an update on the state of the Aviation Branch from our branch’s senior leaders,” Cavaco said. “For many in the audience, this is their first opportunity to interact with some of these leaders and hear, firsthand, where the branch is headed in the near future. But the biggest resource they gain is knowing who to reach out to across the enterprise when they need assistance. Two days in a conference can’t possibly answer all of everyone’s questions but, if they leave knowing where to turn when the questions come up, that’s a win.”

Throughout the course of the forum, there were breakout sessions scheduled for the participants. In the past these sessions were held in one space with groups of participants. However, this year the breakout sessions are quite unique from the past and were held virtually through Microsoft Teams.

“The purpose of the breakout sessions is to provide an opportunity for attendees to ask detailed questions – maybe questions that only pertain to their specific units and, therefore, didn’t get discussed in a larger forum,” Cavaco said. “These were also designed to be open-ended, with no set time limit, in order to allow for as much discussion as necessary.”

According to Cavaco, although AMCOM 101 was held in a different manner, it did not affect the number of participants.

“We actually had a very high number of attendees despite the pandemic,” he said. “There were obviously some challenges facilitating discussion in a virtual forum but, overall, it went very well.”

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