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Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth visits the Army’s current largest housing investment with USAREUR-AF Commander Gen. Christopher Cavoli, SETAF-AF Commander Maj. Gen. Andrew Rohling, and USAG Italy Commander Col. Matthew Gomlak in Vicenza, Italy, Oct. 29. The $373 million Army Family Housing Construction venture will provide a total of 478 homes across two installations, almost doubling the current 249 homes.

Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment Paul Farnan met with Army Materiel Command leaders during a visit Nov. 16 to Redstone Arsenal to learn about AMC’s mission, initiatives and lines of effort in support of the Army’s priorities of people, readiness and modernization.

Gen. Ed. Daly, commander of Army Materiel Command, and other AMC leaders provided Farnan with an overview of AMC’s support to housing and other quality of life initiatives, Organic Industrial Base modernization, energy efforts, and the use of data analytics and visualization.

Farnan emphasized the collaborative roles between IE&E providing policy and guidance and AMC at the implementation level.

“We are partners in this together. What we are doing is the best thing for the Army and our people,” Farnan said.

Daly briefed Farnan on several housing initiatives within AMC’s Facilities Investment Plan, or FIP, which aligns construction and modernization projects at the more than 95 Army installations worldwide with available or projected funding over 10 years and in accordance with command and Army priorities.

“We are in a better place than we were and we will continue to work it,” Farnan said.

Daly highlighted the use of data to help build the FIP and create a common operating picture to inform leaders down to the lowest level.

“As we go forward, we continue to expand data analytics and visualization tools to inform decision making,” Daly said. “We can make progress with innovative solutions.”

Another area Farnan was briefed on was AMC’s support to Operation Allies Welcome, or OAW, the Department of Homeland Security-led efforts across the federal government to support vulnerable Afghans, as they safely resettle in the U.S.

“I have visited four of the installations, and it is absolutely amazing what AMC pulled together and how quickly you did it,” Farnan said.

AMC provides facilities, dining, contracting and other support to task forces at several Army installations supporting OAW.

Daly also briefed on AMC’s COVID-19 response, modernization and 3-D printing efforts.

Increased collaboration between AMC and IE&E across multiple programs and initiatives will continue to support and enhance Army readiness and the quality of life for Soldiers, civilians and families.

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