An Army Materiel Command headquarters senior executive service member and seven technical management employees were recognized Nov. 10 as recipients of the 2020 Department of the Army Civilian of the Year award presented by the Redstone-Huntsville Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army.

Calling them “superstars,” AMC Commander Gen. Ed Daly thanked AUSA for recognizing AMC employees who are “absolutely spectacular and important to the AMC mission. This award recognizes your sacrifices and dedication to the mission each and every day.”

The AUSA award program allows AMC to showcase some of its best employees, Daly said.

The award presentation was held at AMC headquarters this year due to the cancellation of the annual DA Civilian of the Year awards dinner out of concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even without the normal pomp and circumstance, DA Civilian of the Year chairman Andy Gignilliat called the presentation a “truly special occasion.”

“The Army could not do what it does for our nation without the support of our Department of the Army Civilians,” Gignilliat said. “These employees are unsung heroes that tirelessly work in support of our nation and Army.”

The AMC recipients are among 38 Army civilians from Redstone Arsenal who received the award this year. In addition to the AMC headquarters recipients, five other recipients represented AMC major subordinate commands at Redstone Arsenal.

Renee Mosher, deputy chief of staff for supply chain management, Operations (G-3), is the AMC recipient in the Management/Executive (SES) category. Among her many accomplishments, Mosher built coalitions and rapport with Life Cycle Sustainment Commands, Defense Logistics Agency and headquarters Department of the Army to ensure supply availability was maintained at 80% across the Organic Industrial Base during Forces Command surged with year-end requirements. She also reformed medical supply processes, enforced standards that yielded Army fleet readiness of 87%, with the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and M777 Howitzer above 90% and the Abrams Tank at 87%.

Also a recipient in the Management/Executive (SES) category is Donald Nitti, who is the deputy to the commanding general of the Aviation and Missile Command, an AMC major subordinate command.

AMC headquarters recipients in the Technical/Technical Management category include:

Valerie Lubin, division chief, Total Force Support and Family Programs, Human Resources (G-1) – Champions and enables mission critical Quality of Life initiatives that are now positively impacting hundreds of thousands of Soldiers, family members and civilians across the Army, directly contributing to overall Army readiness in the areas of housing, child care, spouse employment and permanent change of station.

Phillip Owens, acquisition logistics specialist, Capabilities Integration Division, Operations (G-3) – Provided input during the Army Requirements Oversight Council process regarding the reliability of Mobile Protected Firepower, with input from the Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity and Program Executive Office-Ground Combat Systems, resulting in a reduction of the sustainment burden on brigade combat teams, and addressed other sustainment issues.

Stephanie Neveu Crosby, business analyst specialist, Capabilities Integration Division, Strategy, Concepts, and Capabilities Integration Directorate, Operations (G-3) – Directly contributed to the Army’s Modernization priority as AMC’s lead for Secretary of the Army-led Army Equipping Program Evaluation Groups, which annually scrutinize Army programs to realign funds needed to ensure defeat of near-peer adversaries in Multi-Domain Operations.

Curt Higdon, War Plans and Strategy Division, Operations (G-3) – Leads multiple Operation Planning Teams to develop strategic sustainment plans, options and strategies for global sustainment of Army and Joint Forces required for Combatant Command Operation Plans in support of the National Military Strategy.

Cynthia Johnson, chief, Logistics Integration Support Division, Supply Chain Management Directorate, Operations (G-3) – Led the Army’s Enterprise Resource Planning efforts, providing critical leadership support within AMC to drive logistics domain equities within the Army Enterprise Resource Planning community, and supported the development of a comprehensive and affordable ERP modernization strategy that enables Army readiness and auditability while modernizing the Army’s multi-billion dollar ERP landscape.

Matthew Taylor, chief, Capabilities Integration Division, Strategy, Concepts, and Capabilities Integration Directorate, Operations (G-3) – Coordinates, synchronizes and integrates AMC’s input into Army-level materiel acquisition for equipping and resourcing warfighting capability and determining materiel life cycle sustainment, working closely with Army G-8 and G-4, Army Futures Command, Training and Doctrine Command, Combined Arms Sustainment Command, and AMC’s Life Cycle Management Commands.

Lindsey Jones, logistics management specialist, Lead Materiel Integration Division, Operations (G-3) – Consistently coordinates, synchronizes and manages equipment distribution and redistribution, directly increasing the equipment readiness of the Army and enabling senior leaders to make informed decisions on the force structure and capabilities needed for Large Scale Combat Operations.

Other AMC major subordinate command recipients include: Technical/Technical Management category – Marsha Bailey, Aviation and Missile Command and Chris Lindgberg, Army Contracting Command; Professional/Technical Category – Leslie Duncan, Army Contracting Command-Redstone; and Supporting Staff – Elizabeth Raymond, Aviation and Missile Command.

“This is a huge honor and completely unexpected,” AMC honoree Phillip Owens said. “I’ve just been trying to do the best I can as part of the management team approach. Our leadership is really good at trying to make sure we are recognized for our work.”

Being recognized for hard work and fulfilling the mission is rewarding and motivating, AMC honoree Valerie Lubin said.

“It’s nice to be recognized and honored by the command for achievement,” she said. “For me, it all boils down to the Soldiers and families we support.”

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