Digital garrison

There’s a new app taking the place of Redstone Explorer.

The Army has partnered with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service and created a new way for people to stay connected to the installation. It’s called Digital Garrison.

“We’d love for you to download it and we’d love for you to give us feedback on it so that we can make this a stronger program for you,” Garrison Commander Col. Glenn Mellor said.

The app works on all mobile devices and can be found in their respective app stores. Digital Garrison allows the user to customize their app to focus on their installation. It has a post directory, gate information along with numerous other features.

So far, the Army has compiled a list of 23 FAQs.

They are as follows:

Who are the customers for Digital Garrison?

Digital Garrison is available to the public in the app stores but is designed for Soldiers, family members, Army civilians, veterans and retirees. Authorized Exchange shoppers, including active-duty Soldiers, reservists, Army retirees and dependents, as well as all vendors, contractors, government workers and others with access to military installations will find value in using Digital Garrison. Only authorized customers can shop the Exchange via the app.

When will Digital Garrison be available?

The free app is available now in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

What installations will have Digital Garrison?

Digital Garrison is the Army’s enterprise app for all IMCOM installations and is replacing locally managed applications. In addition to AAFES, Digital Garrison receives input from and, so only those installations with all three sites can feed it. Currently, there are 62 garrisons represented in the app. More will be incorporated as they achieve technical requirements.

What services will be provided by Digital Garrison?

Digital Garrison will provide the local installation community with information about quality-of-life services, command information, push notifications for high-priority information, location mapping, single sign-on, personalized home page, mobile shopping, mobile wallet, AAFES promotions and coupons, and in-app feedback.

Will the Digital Garrison Application be secure?

Digital Garrison will conform to all applicable National Institute of Standards and Technology Risk Management Framework requirements. Army Materiel Command CIO approves IMCOM and MWR interconnection Security Agreements, and the AAFES CIO will obtain and maintain the Authorization to Operate.

Will Digital Garrison include Army Privatized Housing?

Yes. Digital Garrison currently has housing information accessible through the Installation Directory, including the capability to link directly to the RCI provider’s site for the selected garrison. Selecting this will present a message telling the user they are leaving Digital Garrison. It is scheduled to incorporate a housing button on the community screen during an upcoming update in September.

Will Digital Garrison include Army Owned Housing?

Army Materiel Command is developing a mobile app to enable Army Family Housing (Government Owned) and barracks tenants to submit work orders and rate the response, timeliness, quality of work and customer service. The intent is for Digital Garrison to link to this application in the same way it will link to the RCI company mobile apps.

Who developed the Digital Garrison app?

The app is a joint effort by the Army and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. In the future, other organizations may be included to provide functionality and services.

What does the app offer?

Digital Garrison features:

Information specific to each user’s community such as an installation directory, gate locations, fitness and recreation options, events and more.

A dashboard, including user profile, weather details and information on local Exchange shopping and restaurants.

Access to, with in-app shopping.

A mobile wallet with sales promotions and a secure method for storing payment options.

What is the purpose of the app?

The app is a one-stop shop for Soldiers and their families to find information about on-installation facilities and services. Digital Garrison is a partnership between the Army and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. The app is a centralized information source for Army communities and staying connected as a community is key to readiness and resiliency.

How was the app piloted?

The Digital Garrison was piloted with 10 garrisons, both within the continental U.S. and outside CONUS. A total of 450 garrison Soldiers and dependents were invited to pilot the app.

What were the pilot results?

The pilot validated the need for an app, with users requesting even more installation information than in the initial release. In addition, pilot participants also identified some improvements we need to make before the launch to the Apple/Google Play stores.

What happened to the Exchange’s Extra app? What does this app have that Extra app didn’t?

The Exchange’s Extra app was closed in 2019. The Extra App was focused on the Exchange only. Digital Garrison is a partnership between the Army and the Exchange, and it brings a sense of community and real-time information about on-installation services, events and activities. In-app shopping through is available as well.

What about Air Force shoppers?

An app focused on the Air Force has not been determined yet.

How long has it been in the works?

The app has been in progress since July 2019.

Who funded the app’s development and how much did it cost?

The app is funded by the Exchange in collaboration with the Army.

How often is the information for base services/events updated?

Information is updated hourly. Major enhancements to the app will be implemented through scheduled updates communicated through the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Will commissary information be included?

The team is working closely with the commissary to discover potential opportunities to integrate commissary information in the future.

Does the app connect to restaurants?

The app lists installations’ restaurant hours and locations. Mobile ordering capability is a future enhancement.

What about local mall vendors – will their information be available?

The goal is for the app to include information for local mall vendors in the future. This could vary by location and type of business.

Will this app “talk” to the MILITARY STAR app? Or do accountholders still need that app, too?

MILITARY STAR cardholders can view available credit and rewards points through Digital Garrison’s Mobile Wallet. The Digital Garrison will link to the MILITARY STAR app, but all transactions will still need to be completed on the MILITARY STAR mobile app.

Can customers use Digital Garrison without creating an account?

Yes. Please select “Browse as Guest” instead of creating an account.

Can customers use Digital Garrison without creating or linking a account?

Users can still access all community/installation information and browse online products and deals.

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