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For almost two years, while the Security Assistance Command workforce has been on max telework, three individuals at USASAC have been tirelessly working to keep a clean and healthy environment.

The custodial crew at the Martin Road building have shown up every day. They wear protective gloves and masks, comfortable shoes, and most importantly, a smile.

Parris Woodard, Jarvis Scruggs, and Alice Robinson, who work for Phoenix Inc., continue to work their magic in the building. Most employees will tell you “sure the crew keeps the office spotless, but they always have a smile or a kind word to say.”

“I love life and all people,” Robinson, a 15-year employee of Phoenix, said. Her positive attitude helped her when the building was being set up in the beginning of the COVID pandemic. There were many unknowns to navigate, however, she relied on her faith to help get her through that time.

Woodard, who has been employed with Phoenix for three years, uses a quote by Madame C.J. Walker as her inspiration, “Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” That is the type of advice she shares with everyone she encounters.

Woodard has always been stationed at the USASAC building as a Phoenix employee, so she has seen the building fully staffed and a skeleton crew. “I do enjoy working at USASAC, the people are always nice and pleasant,” she said.

Scruggs, a 12-year Phoenix employee, is an aspiring poet and writer. He said he “enjoys being around good, positive people,” however, most USASAC employees will say that he is the one they look to for the same reason.

All three are feeling positive about the increase in the number of employees coming back to the building. As Scruggs said, “I take it day by day.”

The pandemic has been a strange time, sometimes with tensions high and solutions unknown. However, for the employees of USASAC who come into the building sporadically or fulltime, they can count on the custodial team to provide a smile, warm greeting and an encouraging word.

Now, with more weeks ahead of continued max teleworking, these important team members will remain the constant, pleasant, much needed fixtures at USASAC.

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