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Spc. Ezekiel Hunter was set to leave the Army. That was his plan. Then it wasn’t.

Hunter reenlisted for another three years during a reenlistment ceremony Friday at Bicentennial Chapel.

“I recently returned from a deployment, and I got to see some unique things there,” Hunter said. “I had my mind made up to not reenlist. I was about to ETS and leave the Army, but that kind of changed my mind a little bit.”

Once he returned from his deployment he started doing his homework and figuring out how to make a life outside of the Army. He looked at the current job market, insurance rates, the situation with COVID-19 and all of the things that he would have to provide for himself and his fiancée that the Army provided now.

“It kind of scared me a little bit,” Hunter said. “I want to make sure that my fiancée and our family is going to be financially stable and in today’s world with coronavirus and all of these different things going on, there’s not a lot of guarantees right now.”

With his next three years locked in, Hunter has set some goals for his career.

He said he’s hoping to make sergeant within the next two or three months and he’s enrolled in school working on a bachelor’s in accounting.

“And, after that, I’m going to push really hard to get promoted again in the next three years,” he said. “So that’s what I’m going to really throw myself into.”

That would make him a staff sergeant by the end of his latest commitment.

Hunter is assigned to the Religious Affairs office at the Garrison.

“When I first saw a recruiter to join the Army, I guess I scored high enough on the entry test somehow to where this recruiter offered me any job in the Army,” he said. “And he was showing me these jobs that had $40,000 signing bonuses and all these guarantees, like ones where you go to Ranger school or airborne school, and I said ‘no,’ I want to be a religious affairs specialist.

“I love the job. I love being able to help my fellow Soldiers and not just Soldiers but civilians, contractors, family members; it’s kind of been my lifelong goal to be able to help people like that.”

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