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The Association of the U.S. Army has announced its 2022 National Awards winners and recognized one Huntsville-area businessman’s efforts to assist the organization.

Joe Newberry, president of Redstone Federal Credit Union, will receive the John W. Dixon Award for outstanding contributions to national defense at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C. in October.

“This is an amazing recognition for Redstone Federal Credit Union,’’ Newberry said in a press release. “Knowing that our roots began on Redstone Arsenal, we are proud of our legacy of commitment and service to our military and civilian communities.’’

Newberry was nominated for the award by retired Lt. Gen. Patricia McQuistion, a former vice president of membership and meetings for AUSA.

McQuistion highlighted RFCU’s program that offered an AUSA membership to new credit union members.

She wrote in the recommendation letter: “Mr. Newberry personally oversaw the institutionalization of the agreement as AUSA’s largest contributing Association Partner.

“AUSA has benefitted enormously from the relationship, both financially and by expanding membership by more than 110,000 individuals in the three years the agreement has been in effect. Importantly, many of these people would likely never have heard of AUSA without RFCU’s assistance.

“We felt that reaching a larger audience that had military ties, but that may not be familiar with the association was absolutely part of our mission of being a voice for the Army and of supporting Soldiers.

“The partnership expanded our outreach to populations not associated with a large military base or presence and provided educational information about America’s Army to a new audience.”

Newberry said the idea came when RFCU partnered with a national farm supply store and “we wanted to offer their customers, who became our members, a little something extra.

“By offering AUSA membership, we opened the door to great benefits and another way of supporting our service men and women. It’s been a great partnership.”

Other award recipients include: the Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army program, Abrams Medal; retired Command Sgt. Maj. W. Douglas Gibbens, Bainbridge Medal; retired Lt. Col. Ronald Johnson, Drexel Biddle Medal; David Engbrecht, director of the Homeland Defense/Civil Support Office at the Army’s Maneuver Support Center of Excellence at Fort Leonard Wood, Cribbins Medal; Maj. Gen. Jill Faris, director of the Office of the Joint Surgeon for the National Guard Bureau, McLain Medal; retired Command Sgt. Maj. Arthur Leak, Rudder Medal; the family of Sgt. 1st Class Timothy Tomasura, Volunteer Family of the Year; and, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s and their founder and CEO Johnny Morris, National Service Award.

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