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The Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center Engineering Directorate Prototype Integration Facility has announced a new division chief, Miranda Oden.

She takes over for Danny Featherston, who retired from government service in April after 15 years leading the facility.

With the facility since 2009, Oden served as the UH-60 project team lead before becoming a supervisor over the CH-47, UH-60 and Navy ground programs. Prior to the PIF, Oden’s career experience was in missiles. She was a project engineer in the then-Program Executive Office Tactical Missiles Stinger office, as well as a project lead on the Missile Defense Agency Sea Based X-Band Radar program.

“I was looking to do something different than I had done previously, and aviation was something that I had not done. I had the opportunity to do that (at the PIF). … It led me to where I am today,” Oden said.

Over a month into the job, Oden said she is up for the challenge. When asked if she was nervous about taking over this position, Oden said, “I’m surrounded by terrific people – I’m surrounded by a terrific organization … so I have nothing to be nervous about. This organization thrives on supporting the Soldier and the people make it happen every day.”

“Miranda brings a wealth of engineering experience and knowledge of PIF operations to her new position,” Louis Sciaroni, Engineering Directorate acting director, said. “Prior to her selection, Miranda was leading $250 million in programmatic activities for the PIF, supporting UH-60, CH-47, Light Utility Helicopter, and Aircraft Survivability Equipment, and was instrumental in the success of the UH-60-V modernization effort. Her unique experiences and capabilities will help guide the PIF towards increased support to the Army’s modernization priorities.”

The Prototype Integration Facility was established in 2002 to design, fabricate and integrate hardware quickly for the Army, Department of Defense, and its allies – anything to increase readiness. According to Oden, the facility’s focus now shifts to include modernization priorities as well.

“The PIF is postured to support not only readiness, but also to support modernization priorities. With our robust processes, multi-disciplined skill-sets and the people to execute, the PIF stands ready to make these priorities reality,” she said.

Whether it’s developing a quick solution to the field or helping create new technology for the Army of the future, the facility’s mission is the same, even with the new division chief.

“My mindset from day one is that my mission does not change; the PIF will continue to be technology driven and Soldier focused,” Oden said.

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