For motorists on Martin Road, the static displays in front of PEO Missiles and Space headquarters look different these days – fresher, renewed.

That is the work of the Maintenance Division of the Logistics Readiness Center. Under the leadership of Maintenance Division Chief Grady Fike, his team of 13 spent two months renewing six pieces of equipment and one 40-foot rocket. Altogether, including labor, parts and materials, the project cost $130,000. Working on this project was Gary Tucker, Phil Tucker, Lee Tipton, Joseph Wright, Jason Wright, Grady Fike, Louis Cagle, Paul Clark, Rob Murray, David Ashby, Shane Kimbrough, Matthew Gentry, Russell Nesmith and John Bugg.

After seeing the workmanship of the tradesmen, the team is now in demand.

“One of the benefits is that agencies that have static displays have contacted us,” Fike said, adding that they are at work restoring two cannons for Army Contracting Command.

Painting the equipment was not just a trip to the hardware store. All of the displays had to be detached, transported to the maintenance facility, old paint removed and repainted using CARC, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, a paint used on military vehicles to prevent corrosion and penetration of chemical agents on their surfaces.

In addition, the team wanted to be as accurate as possible in their repainting of the vehicles – researching the systems and taking care with the missiles that are part of the display.

“This was something new and I think they enjoyed it,” Steve McDonald, contract supervisor for the project, said.

The team is part of the only maintenance activity on Redstone and as such, Fike said they support more than 40 different organizations, with the Garrison being their primary customer. He said their customers’ happy faces when they see the finished projects was their reward – and the positive responses to the static displays have not just come from leadership. The displays also serve an educational purpose with Team Redstone families often stopping to walk through and use them as teachable moments.

“We are preserving history,” McDonald said.

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