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Civilians applying for a new job at the Garrison can be assured that their applications will be treated fairly.

That’s a guarantee from Angela Walker and Angela Lawrence, human resources specialists at the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center. Walker and Lawrence work with Garrison managers to staff Installation Management Command and Garrison positions, ensuring that every step of the process is expedient and fair.

Walker and Lawrence said the process from a position opening to a new hire has many defined touchpoints to ensure the process moves smoothly for both candidates and managers. Typically, the process looks something like this:

A new position opens. If a manager decides not to fill the position internally, he or she reaches out to CPAC for HR assistance.

Walker, Lawrence or another HR specialist works with the manager to write the job listing and post it on USAjobs.gov.

Applicants apply for the job, submitting all necessary documents.

USAjobs sends applicants a notification when their application has been submitted.

An HR specialist reviews applications to ensure they meet the position requirements and then sends a list of referrals to the manager.

Applicants receive a notification regarding whether their application has been referred.

Managers contact applicants for interviews.

After selecting a candidate, the manager sends the candidate’s information back to CPAC.

A tentative offer is made.

Applicants have a set amount of time to meet conditions of employment. These may include things like drug tests and background checks.

Once an applicant meets the conditions of employment, a firm offer is sent.

After the offer is accepted, other candidates are notified that they have not been selected.

HR specialists working at CPAC have an 80-day goal from “cradle to grave,” meaning that, once a manager reaches out for assistance in hiring, they aim to have the position filled within 80 days or less. An applicant’s USAjobs account is updated regularly as well, so applicants can check on the status of their application at any point throughout the process.

There is also a system of checks and balances within the process that ensures a fairer decision for everyone involved. If an HR specialist is reviewing applications and realizes that he or she has a personal relationship with an applicant, swift action is taken to remove the potential conflict of interest.

“When we get a recruitment request, we’re looking at a position description and what areas of consideration we’re going to open it up to. We don’t know these people,” Walker said. “If we know the person, we step away from it immediately.”

Applicants also have the option to submit an inquiry through USAjobs if they feel like their application was overlooked. Though the HR specialists do their due diligence to ensure every application is treated fairly, mistakes can happen.

“That inquiry process helps the applicants also, for us to maintain integrity and keep it consistent,” Lawrence said.

Walker urged applicants to ensure they provide all the necessary documentation required for each job application, as well as clearly listing any specialized experience or education on their resume.

As of time of writing, more than 200 jobs appeared in the Redstone Arsenal search on USAjobs.gov. These included several different agencies on Redstone Arsenal, like IMCOM, the Federal Aviation Administration, Missile Defense Agency, Army Contracting Command and more.

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