Ten workers received awards and several others won door prizes at the Army Contracting Command’s Employee Appreciation Day, June 25 at Bob Jones Auditorium.

“This is the second year we’ve done this and we do it to show employees they are appreciated,” Valerie Hanton, chairperson of Employee Advisory Council, said as co-workers enjoyed refreshments and socialized following the awards program. The event was sponsored by the Civilian Welfare Fund.

Last year’s event included fun awards for who brought the most home cooked treats to work or who is bright-eyed and cheerful in the morning. This year, the advisory council came up with a more streamlined approach with the Spirit Award, which includes employees outside the Acquisition Corps.

Hanton said the winners were selected by the advisory council from nominations which were submitted by their peers.

“The awards were presented to those who most exemplify the Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage as expressed in the Army Civilian Corps Creed,” she said.

This year’s Spirit Award winners included Andrea Durbin, Pam Fisher, Lorinda Horton, Ben May, Emily McGee, Tameka Parker, Jamaya “Rocky” Smith, Derrick Thompson, Jaquilla White and Steven Taylor.

All employees also had an opportunity to win a door prize, depending on where they sat as winning tickets were taped to chairs throughout the auditorium.

Hanton said the Employee Advisory Council includes 12 people and its main reason for existing is to be a liaison between employees and management.

“We don’t take the place of the union,” she said. “We review policy and share best practices.”

In addition to hosting the annual appreciation event, the group may take requests to management for items like an icemaker, for example.

Joseph Giunta, senior contracting officer, opened the two-hour event highlighting successes of the organization and its employees. He thanked the employees for their hard work.

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