Nimble Titan

Nimble Titan conference delegates at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography via DoubleTree by Hilton Lincoln Date: September 22, 2019

LINCOLN, United Kingdom – Senior representatives from 19 partner nations and four international organizations across four continents have gathered in Lincoln to collaborate on NIMBLE TITAN 20, an integrated air and missile defense campaign of experimentation.

The event was hosted by the U.K. Ministry of Defence, Missile Defence Centre, providing a premier forum for allied and partner nations to explore policy imperatives and operational strategies for integrated air and missile defense.

“NIMBLE TITAN is an important part of our international engagement,” Anthony Wraight, director of the Missile Defence Centre and keynote speaker for the Sept. 22-27 event, said. “We support planning, execution and associated data analysis activities and these provide an unrivalled opportunity to expose the U.K. to wider ballistic missile defense and integrated air and missile defense thinking.”

NIMBLE TITAN provides a globally integrated scenario, set against a notional 10-year future epoch, which allows members to experiment in an unclassified and non-attributional environment. As potential adversaries field more complex air and missile systems, the integration of allied and partner capabilities becomes ever more relevant in the future. At NIMBLE TITAN, allies and partners have the opportunity to explore the policy frameworks that build and strengthen relationships, and inform senior leader military decisions that support deterrence and response options.

The Lincoln event focused on crisis and pre-conflict planning processes for cooperative integrated air and missile defense. Participants developed notional multinational policy guidance and examined regional and cross-regional defense postures to deter simulated adversaries while simultaneously preparing to collectively defend each region. Seminars on Interoperability, Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and Offense/Defense Integration were also presented.

The NIMBLE TITAN 20 campaign began in November 2018 with a Concept Development Conference, where member countries and organizations collaborated on group objectives to be explored throughout the remainder of the campaign. NIMBLE TITAN culminates with a Senior Leader Event in September 2020, after nations have had the opportunity to explore regional, cross-regional and global solutions to integrated air and missile defense, against both regional and global threats. While there are national differences across the span of these actions and operations, a critical takeaway from NIMBLE TITAN will be a shared understanding of the environment to create the conditions for coherent and unified action.

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