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Missile Defense Agency Director for Test Brig. Gen. Michael Morrissey has recognized the successes of 2019 with the eighth annual Test Functional Area Awards. He acknowledged teams and individuals by presenting awards in nearly 50 categories during a virtual ceremony Aug. 27.

Throughout 2019, the TFA supported 71 test events: 23 flight tests, 12 ground tests, five cyber tests, and 31 wargames and exercises. A significant event, Flight Test Ground-based Midcourse Defense Weapon System-11, occurred March 25, 2019. The test demonstrated the first salvo intercept by two Ground Based Interceptors of a complex, threat-representative intercontinental ballistic missile. Morrissey recognized more than 800 MDA employees for the success of FTG-11.

“As a team, you planned and successfully executed FTG-11, one of the most complex flight tests in missile defense history,” Stephen Beard, deputy director for test, said. “You executed a disciplined, systematic test campaign and worked through numerous complexities and challenges to ensure mission success.”

The highest individual honor, the Test Pinnacle Award, went to Nick Madison for his extraordinary dedication to the mission as director for cyber test.

Madison led the cyber test team responsible for planning and executing MDA’s rigorous cyber test program, developing the first cyber test Concept of Operations and fulfilling critical cyber assessment reporting mandated by Congress. He also implemented operational cyber testing, including Cooperative Vulnerability and Penetration Assessments and the MDA’s first operational Adversarial Assessment for Ground-based Midcourse Defense, an incredibly complex and geographically dispersed cyber test.

All award nominations went through a rigorous review process with an 18-member TFA Awards Board. In all, more than 1,200 MDA employees received awards in individual, team and special categories.

“Each winner represents MDA’s core values — respect, teamwork, dedication, integrity and professionalism,” Morrissey said. “They served something greater than themselves, and they provided outstanding support to the warfighter and defense of our nation.”

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