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A sign on the front door says, “Please watch your step. Pardon our progress.” Of course it has a smiley face.

The Youth Center is getting a facelift.

The center staff and operations have moved to the Community Activity Center, on Patton Road, during the renovation.

Rusty Hammond, project manager at the Garrison’s Directorate of Public Works, said work began in mid-October to replace the HVAC and the carpet at the Youth Center, building 3148. The HVAC, or the heating/ventilation/air conditioning, was outdated and the carpet was worn out, he said.

CCI, the prime contractor for public works, is expected to complete this project by early December. 

“Number one is improvements for the kids,” Youth Center Director Jeanine Bailey said. The building opened in 1986 and had its original heating/ventilation/air conditioning system. The new system, including digital thermostats, will improve the heating and cooling. The new carpet will improve the aesthetics.

The Youth Center has temporarily moved to the Community Activity Center, building 3711, on Patton Road.

“We were told 4-5 weeks,” Yolande Lewis, assistant director of the Youth Center, said. “We’ve been over here for a week. They said we’re supposed to be back that first week in December.”

Taekwondo has moved to the School Age Center.

       The dance program is also impacted. Company 1, for kindergarten through fifth grade, has moved to the School Age Center. Company 2, for middle school teens, has moved to the Community Activity Center. Both are normally at the multipurpose building but moved because of the basketball practices.

Redstone’s youth basketball practices have moved to Pagano Gym and to building 3153, the multipurpose building next to the Youth Center.

“We’ll do the practices there until probably the second week of December,” Youth Sports Director Mike Gates said.

The basketball season begins Dec. 7. The Redstone youth basketball teams will not have any home games until after Jan. 1, Gates said. He made this arrangement with the City of Huntsville to avoid schedule disruptions during the Youth Center’s renovation process.

Home games are expected to resume at the Youth Center gym in January.

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