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When the trust is there, there are no limits.

For 31 months Command Sgt. Maj. Calvin Hamby has led the 2nd Recruiting Brigade, and for those 31 months the brigade has accomplished the mission and then some. Hamby will relinquish his responsibilities in a ceremony Friday at the Community Activity Center, passing a torch of unprecedented achievement to his successor Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas McEwen.

“This brigade has really answered the call,” Hamby said. “We’ve raised production in this brigade and they’ve just run with it. It’s just been a great 31 months. We built a hell of a team. My replacement is going to maintain that and continue that legacy.”

The 2nd Recruiting Brigade has led production for the Army Recruiting Command throughout Hamby’s tenure, writing 27 percent of USAREC’s mission, with production increasing by about 2,000 to 3,000 a year. That translates into roughly 60,000 regular Army recruits and 8,000 Reserves – two division’s worth of Soldiers. At the various competitions divisional headquarters put out, the brigade has won all of them, not just in volume, but in quality too, ensuring the Army has Soldiers who are ready to serve in an environment that grows more technologically advanced by the day.

“We can’t just settle on putting someone in the Army,” Hamby said. “It’s got to be somebody who is morally qualified and educationally qualified. We’ve done that. We focused on that and you see the results.”

One of the biggest challenges Hamby had when he joined the brigade was building morale and trust as the new guy, a task he considers as mission accomplished. While initially it was a challenge, the trust he formed with his Soldiers is also one of the highlights from his time in Huntsville.

“They gave me their commitment to do their job every day and work late hours, but I gave them my commitment back to make them a better Soldier,” Hamby said. “You have to trust yourself and the people around you, because if you don’t have that trust here we can’t win.”

As he departs Redstone Arsenal, Hamby will miss the deer hunting on post, as well as the partnerships he has formed with the local community. His next assignment will take him to USAREC at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he will serve as the G-3 sergeant major.

“This has made me a better sergeant major,” he said. “I get to see not only the production side of the house, but also the end result. Instead of just one brigade, I’ll now get to help out five.”

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