The Property Management Group at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has received a 2020 Gears of Government Award.

The award recognizes individuals and teams across the federal workforce whose dedication supports exceptional delivery of key outcomes for the American people – specifically mission results, customer service and accountable stewardship. Each May, the Executive Office of the President presents exemplary Agency and Council Award recipients with the Gears of Government Award. The winning Marshall team, comprised of nearly 50 members, was selected for their outstanding performance in the accountable stewardship category.

According to the Gears of Government Awards’ Hall of Winners site, the team “improved stewardship, data accountability and communication with stakeholders of government property. Their continued efforts increase NASA’s research and development capabilities, saving NASA and taxpayers’ money.”

The team was recognized for demonstrating excellence in multiple tasks. The award package outlines the team’s accomplishments in auditing, furnishing, testing, network management, training, donation management, communication and partnerships.

“We can’t reach the Moon without logistics to support the supply chain,” Gary Humphrey, Marshall supply equipment management officer, said. “The breadth of this award is so vast because it depends on property accountability, property stewardship and data accountability. It’s about improving the communication effort to keep our center running the best way it can.”

The Property Management Group successfully audited multiple contractors with government-furnished property. As agency leaders, the team maintained accounting for nearly 23,000 critical government assets. With an annual inventory accuracy of 99.97%, the team consistently exceeds the agency objective.

The Marshall team was selected by NASA Headquarters to complete testing and evaluation of the Radio Frequency Identification implementation program and physical inventory pilot program. Following successful testing, the pilot program transitioned to becoming the standard inventory tool for all NASA centers.

The NASA Integrated Communications Services contract – headquartered at Marshall – successfully supported local area network management at all NASA centers with over 14,000 assets. The Property Management Group managed the deployment of government assets across the agency and worldwide via NASA Integrated Communications Services.

The team developed training that standardizes equipment and supply management business practices. They provided this training to centers agencywide.

The Property Management Group maintained relationships with multiple agencies that support diversity and equal opportunity to provide students with disabilities an opportunity to participate in logistics business processes under the guidance of a NASA mentor.

The team manages donations of excess property that most recently included items valued at $54 million that were donated to eligible schools and educational nonprofits. These donations are a viable method to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics educational outreach and help the nation’s children meet high academic standards.

The team coordinated the furniture selection, purchase and installation of over 430 office spaces in Marshall’s building 4221. In spite of construction delays and a government furlough, they negotiated the schedules to allow for furniture outfitting without delay or additional costs. The team also established an office furniture ergonomic program that supports employee health by establishing that 20% of all new desks in new office environments have the ability to raise – allowing the employees who have a need to stand while working to do so.

The Property Management Group partners with the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind to provide office supplies to Marshall yearly. The institute is a government-sanctioned supplier that supports green purchasing requirements and its Base Supply Center location on Redstone Arsenal provides a partnership opportunity that helps achieve NASA’s mission.

The team successfully supported and managed the reutilization of Air Force specialized property from a decommissioned facility through receiving, processing, disposition and temporary storage. This property has a parallel purpose in space research and increases NASA’s research and development capabilities, saving NASA and the taxpayers’ money.

Editor’s note: Taylor Goodwin, an ASRC Federal/Analytical Services employee, supports Marshall’s Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications.

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