Donald Chavers

Greg Chavers

Greg Chavers has been appointed to the Senior Executive Service position of deputy manager of the Human Landing System Program Office at Marshall Space Flight Center.

The Senior Executive Service is the personnel system covering most of the top managerial positions in federal agencies.

Chavers will assist Lisa Watson-Morgan, manager of the Human Landing System Program, in leading the rapid development of an integrated human lunar landing system – including a descent element, ascent element and transfer vehicle for the Artemis program, which will deliver the first woman and next man to the lunar surface by 2024. Chavers will work directly with U.S. industry partners, administer and monitor expenditures of the fiscal year 2020 budget, lead a team of approximately 425 employees at multiple NASA centers and act as the chair of the agency’s Human Landing System Control Board.

Chavers has 29 years of experience in project management and development of lunar landing systems. He joined Marshall in 1991 as an aerospace engineer in the Systems Analysis and Integration Laboratory. Other past roles include acting chief of the Planning, Operations and Analysis Branch; lead systems engineer for the Spacecraft and Lander System; project engineer for the Robotic Lunar Lander Development Project; manager of the Resource Prospector Lunar Lander Project; and manager of the Advanced Exploration Systems’ Lander Technologies Project. Since February 2018, he has been formulation manager of the Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate’s Advanced Cislunar and Surface Capability. Chavers has been the acting deputy manager of the Human Landing System Program Office since September 2019.

Chavers earned a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering from Auburn University in 1990. He earned a master’s and doctorate in physics – both from the University of Alabama in Huntsville – in 1998 and 2003, respectively. A native of Flomaton, he and his wife, Denise, reside in Priceville with their son, Dustin, and daughters Marissa and Maleiha.

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