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Professional Development Solutions at The University of Alabama in Huntsville is strengthening its ties to the U.S. Army Logistics Community by partnering with the Civilian Logistics Career Management Office to design and deliver the Senior Logistician Advanced Course for senior Department of the Army civilian logisticians (GS-14/GS-15 level) globally within major commands throughout the Army.

UAH recently hosted 30 participants who play a vital role in the Army’s global supply chain, supporting sustainable Army readiness by creating and implementing logistics policies, programs and plans. The course also included a tour of Science Engineering Services and SCI Technology facilities to learn how private industry supports the warfighter and provides life-cycle services. William Moore, assistant deputy chief of staff, G-4 Headquarters from the Pentagon, participated in the closing dinner, course brief outs and a graduation ceremony to demonstrate the investment the Army is making in their people.

Professional Development Solutions understands the impact of expanding thinking capacity and providing strategic professional development to Army senior civilians who perform crucial duties in support of our Armed Forces. Program Director, Lane Fabby, said, “We are proud to assist the Army in shifting the logistics culture from stove-piped tactical logisticians to multifunctional integrated logisticians in order to better support mission readiness and prepare for the supply chain of tomorrow.”

SLAC is UAH’s new two-week learning event, offered multiple times annually and aimed at closing competency gaps that provides education and networking opportunities for senior leaders in the 0346 community. SLAC covers the 12 Integrated Product Support competencies, Cybersecurity, Managing in an ERP Centric Environment, and threads Leadership Development and Strategic Thinking themes in order to broaden perspectives.

More information on Professional Development Solutions is available at

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