I wasn’t surprised by the order from Madison County that mandates that people wear a mask in public, but I was slightly confused by the reaction to it.

Some applauded the move, and then some didn’t. Let’s address that.

The flood of “evidence” that proved masks didn’t work came flying from all corners of the Internet. First, the affirmation of a confirmation bias is not the same as a fact. I’ve read plenty of these “articles,” and they never have any facts in them. Instead, they suggest that the truth is being hidden, which plays to a confirmation bias for many, and then couple that with whatever “truth” they want to “prove.”

I’ve never written a sentence with so many air-quotes, but I’m at a loss of words for ways to adequately describe just how thin these arguments are.

It’s a tried and true formula. If you can get someone to agree with your previous statement then they are more likely to agree with your next statement.

Second, if people were half as smart in real life as they were online, we’d have a vaccine by now. We’d have a lot of things by now.

And after you waded through the links to articles you got to the diatribes on freedom that were so free they didn’t have any periods, commas or even exclamation points to hinder the freedom of the words being sprawled forth onto the screen.

If you want to talk about a real problem in America, let’s talk about the general inability for many to articulate an argument that truly delivers the message they’re trying to convey.

Back to the rants, the general consensus of these were that they’d wear a mask “over their dead body because they’d rather die free.”

Seems a little dramatic, and they missed the fact that it was their dead body that people are trying to avoid. Once you’re dead, nobody really cares if you wear a mask or not. It’s a moot point.

When did freedom become so fragile that it could be restrained and contained by a 3-ounce mask?

The argument that contends that a cloth covering my nose is suffocating my individual liberty seems a little thin.

Maybe it’s the oxygen deprivation from wearing a mask, but I don’t think taking a small – albeit slightly annoying – step of covering my face when I’m in public means that I’ve surrendered the autonomy that’s been gifted to me by the U.S. Constitution.

Speaking of the Constitution, our freedoms are clearly defined within its pages. We don’t have vague, unfettered freedoms as Americans, we have specific ones. They’re written down.

Finally, everybody is all big and bad until you get stuck on a ventilator.

I just find it hard to complain, with a straight face, about wearing a mask while other people are having air forced down their throats, into their lungs and sucked out again, just to be given a fighting chance at living.

I’m happy to wear a mask if it gives someone else a fighting chance to survive this pandemic.

For my TL;DR crowd: Wear a mask.

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