gold star spouses

Each year the nation pauses April 5 for Gold Star Spouses’ Day, a time to honor surviving military spouses, as well as remember their husbands and wives who devoted their lives to serving their country.

“Gold Star Spouses’ Day is a day of remembrance to honor and respect their sacrifice,” Kerrie Branson, Survivor Outreach Services coordinator, said. “The widows in North Alabama are very courageous women that always amaze me. They have been dealt a horrible and unexpected tragedy so young in life, and they have continued to fight to move forward in a way that always continues to honor their late husbands.

“Some are remarried, some have new relationships, most have children – some young and some in college – but these ladies always find a way to be strong even when things are rough. When they fall down they get back up. When things go wrong they fight to make them right. They always remember and move forward in a way that honors their fallen hero.”

SOS will hold its Gold Star Spouses Day event Saturday, April 9, beginning with Connected Warrior Yoga – trauma-conscious yoga therapy – followed by lunch and a guest speaker. For more information or to RSVP, Gold Star spouses should call Branson at Army Community Service, 876-5397.

“I know they do not always feel strong, but they are warriors who have learned to conquer life when things are hard,” Branson said. “I look up to and respect all of them and look forward to watching them continue to grow into beautiful people that I know their heroes are very proud of.”

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