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The spiritual resiliency office has reopened in room M-120 on the first floor of Garrison headquarters building 4488.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. And now there is once again a place to go.

The Spiritual Resiliency Office has reopened after months of closure due to remodeling at Garrison headquarters building 4488.

Garrison Chaplain Lt. Col. Charles Lahmon said the idea for the SRO was spawned by Frank Leon, director of religious education, who is its program director.

The office opened in November 2021 and serves as a place for people to stop by and say hello, sit and chat, or help themselves to a cup of coffee or light snack while perusing the many books, brochures and other available resources.

The SRO is not affiliated with any particular faith or religion and is open to all, Lahmon said.

The office is in its same location on the first floor at the Garrison but has a new wing name after the remodeling, he said. The room number is now M-120.

The other change is a reduction in hours. The office is now open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, with some exceptions, Lahmon said. On Fridays before a three-day weekend or a military training holiday, hours may vary, he said.

The office will be staffed by a number of changing faces, including the chaplain, Leon, Deputy Chaplain Maj. David Hicks, Staff Sgt. Bradford Alex (incoming noncommissioned officer in charge), Sgt. Jorge Padilla (operations NCO), or one of several religious affairs specialists, including Spc. Antonio Boyd and Pfc. Marcus Williams.

The idea behind the SRO, Lahmon said, is “it puts us closer to the workforce.”

Rather than having to travel to Bicentennial Chapel, those who need to talk or someone to listen to need only travel to the SRO, he said.

In an early Redstone Rocket story about the SRO, Leon said the most popular topics of conversation included work issues, purpose and the future/retirement. He noted then that all conversations are confidential.

Visitors with more personal issues such as marriage or family problems will likely be referred to other post resources, including Army Community Service or the Military and Life Family Counseling Program.

The office is funded in part by the tithing fund at Bicentennial Chapel.

No appointment is necessary to visit. For more information, call 256-876-5956.

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