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Bicentennial Chapel is tentatively scheduled to hold a worship service Sept. 20 at 11 a.m.

That’s if the current trends concerning the COVID-19 virus continue. It will be the first chance many will have to take communion in about six months.

“We will do communion that day,” Garrison Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Charles Barna said. “We’ve got folks that communion is a pillar or a cornerstone, if you will, of their worship, and they haven’t had communion since March. We’ve got a way to do that safely.”

Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Barna said worshipers would be asked to wear masks when entering the chapel, follow social distancing procedures and sanitize their hands.

“I want them to think of the chapel like going to a restaurant,” Barna said. “When you come into the chapel, you’ll have your mask on. There will be hand sanitizer stations at both entrances. So please sanitize your hands. Then go to your pew.

“Then like at a restaurant, once you’re ‘at your table’ or in your pew, you can take your mask off if you want to.”

Ushers will be on hand to remind people to wear their masks when they leave their pew.

The chapel is rated to hold 120 people and still be within CDC and DOD guidelines.

On a regular Sunday, Barna said there would be about 130-150 attendees.

“I don’t think everybody will come back,” he said. “You still got folks who are concerned.”

But, should more people show up than the chapel can accommodate, Barna said he would figure something out like holding two services for a while.

He added that there would not be Sunday school or children’s church.

“One thing I don’t want to do is, you know, it’s wrong to say, ‘well the chapels full because of the COVID. You can’t come and worship today.’”

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