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Yoga fans will soon have an opportunity to take their practice to the next level.

Glide Fit Yoga debuts at the Redstone Aquatics Center Feb. 21. The 45-minute class will be held at 9 a.m. every Friday and is open to anyone 16 and older.

For recreation badge holders and those with access to the installation, the cost is $4 per class. For all others, the cost is $5 per class.

Longtime Redstone fitness instructor Tasha Edwards will lead the class. Edwards, who has taught at both Pagano Gym and the Sparkman fitness center, said the class is tailored for all skill levels.

“A beginner can do it if they feel comfortable with their core strength,” she said. Edwards noted that the student will have the added challenge of counterbalancing because the board is on water.

Experienced yoga students might also find some new challenges. Edwards said transitioning from pose to pose on a 2-by-8-foot floating mat is different than a land-based class.

“Yoga people will want to just go into poses and you won’t be able to,” she said.

Assistant Aquatics Manager Devin Atkinson does not want anyone who is not a strong swimmer to be dissuaded. The mats will be tethered so there is no need for a student to worry about drifting off.

The class will also be taught in the shallow end of the indoor pool and lifeguards are present.

Edwards said she can identify with students who are not completely comfortable. She herself is using the class to conquer a lifelong fear of water and is also taking swim lessons at the center.

Many of the classic poses will be included in the class – cat, cow, downward facing dog, plank and more. Atkinson and Edwards invite Team Redstone to try a class and possibly discover a new way to work out.

“Come with an open mind,” Edwards said.

The Aquatics Center is in building 3705 on Aerobee Road. For more information, call 313-1202.

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