The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering opened for its first year in Huntsville in August with an influx of students from across Alabama. The school is Alabama’s only fully public, residential high school for students interested in engineering and cyber technology.

ASCTE is offering at least two slots at the school to those who reside on Redstone Arsenal. Students will need to meet minimum admission requirements and be rising ninth or 10th graders for the 2021-22 school year. After this year, admissions will be limited to rising ninth graders. Tuition and housing are free for all students.

School President Matt Massey said the ASCTE offer to Redstone students shows how Redstone Arsenal is a valued part of the community and ensures military-connected children have access to a specialized science, technology, engineering and math driven curriculum.

“In 2018, Gov. (Kay) Ivey signed SB 212 to create the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering, a public residential magnet high school,” he said. “The legislation provides each school system in the state a seat at our school for qualifying students. The school assists teachers and schools across the state to replicate cyber and engineering studies developed at ASCTE.

“As the first tuition-free residential high school focused on integrating cyber technology and engineering across all academic disciplines, ASCTE is charged with addressing the significant gaps in the cyber workforce and further ensuring the integrity of our national security. It’s an incredible opportunity for students to learn from leaders in STEM education and subject matter experts from within industry.”

Although the school wants to offer at least two slots at the school to Redstone students, Priscilla Krause, assistant to the president, said more slots may be given depending on the number of applications received. The deadline for Redstone students to submit applications is May 31.

Erica Lewis, the Garrison’s school liaison officer, said she is pleased that ASCTE has reached out to Redstone students to provide this educational opportunity. Being a former educator, she knows that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education doesn’t work when it comes to getting the necessary skillset for college and career preparation. It’s important that every student has a chance to get a great education at a school that puts their unique needs first.

“We want to raise awareness on this opportunity and are making every effort to get this information out to students who live on Redstone Arsenal,” Lewis said. “We want students with an interest in cyber technology and engineering to take advantage of this educational opportunity.”

Massey said he agrees. He thinks ASCTE has a lot to offer for students who are interested in pursuing STEM career fields. He encourages parents from the Redstone community to take the time to explore whether the school is a good fit for their child.

ASCTE is located on the Oakwood University campus near Research Park, where the permanent facility is being constructed. They will begin school in August 2022 at their new location at the corner of Bradford Drive and Wynn Drive.

Massey said they want to increase the student population in the next few years. He encourages prospective students and parents at Redstone to visit the school. He and his staff can arrange a tour upon request.

“In August, we opened our doors to 71 freshman and sophomore students from across the state of Alabama – many of whom have already been offered industry internships due to their incredible accomplishments and technical acumen,” Massey said. “For the 2021-2022 school year, we are thrilled to welcome our new students, bringing enrollment to approximately 150 students across grades 9-11. Our goal is to eventually grow our student body to about 350 students in grades 9-12. We want Redstone students to be a part of that growth.”

For more information about ASCTE, call Aaron Brazelton, enrollment management coordinator, at 489-3700 or email

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