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All six chairs at the Exchange barbershop are open and customers are returning.

As businesses on- and off-post continue to reopen, the barbershops at Redstone Arsenal are excited to continue welcoming customers into their chairs.

Though the shops never fully closed, many of the chairs had to be blocked off due to physical distancing restrictions. Now, all six chairs in the Exchange barbershop in building 3220 are open, Monday-Friday 8-5:30 and Saturday-Sunday 9-3:30.

There is also a shop located at the Sparkman Center, building 5303, that is open on Wednesdays from 7:30 until 1:30. The shops at Missile Defense Agency (building 5224) and Army Materiel Command (building 4400) will remain closed until customers have returned.

Alma Pena, the services business manager at the Exchange, said business has been slowly returning after COVID-19 closures resulted in a 50% loss in business.

While most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, one rule has been left in place to ensure the safety of the 10 barbers who work at the shops. “We are still asking our customers to wear masks while they’re getting their hair cut,” Pena said.

Soldiers, DOD civilians and contractors with access to the Arsenal can get a haircut at the barbershop for $12.50, no appointment needed. Pena also said that she is happy to assist other community members in getting a temporary visitor pass to have their hair cut at one of the barbershops on post.

Sheila Enderle, Exchange general manager, emphasized the management team’s commitment to their customers.

“We’re here for the military, and, of course, our DOD civilians and everyone else as well,” Enderle said. “Your Exchange remains committed to providing high-quality, safe, sanitized and secure services at the best possible prices. 100% of Exchange earnings support Soldiers, airmen and their families.”

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