“Germs is everywhere.”

That’s how the woman punctuated her argument against wearing a facemask, or staying home, or taking any precautions against COVID-19 or doing anything she claims would weaken her immune system.

Even though she didn’t get the verb to agree with the subject, “germs is everywhere” was the most correct sentence out of the entire rant.

It’s easy to get distracted by the general wrongness of the woman’s post and miss the larger, more disturbing, issue in play.

And the bigger issue is I’ve found myself getting irrationally angry at things that three months ago wouldn’t have bothered me.

I mean I’m a laidback introvert with a flash here or there of being a curmudgeon, but my reactions lately go beyond that.

In the past I would’ve just moved on and never given that lady another thought, but it irked me and stuck with me.

The biggest thing that’s set me off recently, though, are people not wearing facemask in crowded places like the grocery store or the big-box stores.

I’m not looking for an argument here about the effectiveness of a mask in preventing the spread, infection or anything else of COVID-19.

You’re not going to change my mind that people should wear them in certain places and I’m not going to change yours.

I’ll just wait for you to catch the virus. It’s fine.

So, where do I think you need to wear a mask?

In your car? No.

When you go visit your grandmother or elderly parents? Probably, how much do you love them?

When you’re surrounded by 50 other people in a store? Yes. Unequivocally, yes.

Why should you wear a mask then?

Because the government said so? No.

Because you’ve been whipped into a frenzy of panic by the media? No.

Because you’re a decent human being and would like to try to prevent the spread of a virus that might kill someone? Yes. That’s a good reason to wear a mask. Let’s go with that one.

Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t, but I doubt you’re a doctor or a scientist who specializes in the transmission of viruses.

And it’s a way of saying that you’re a considerate person.

Wearing a mask does take some getting used to, though.

Like the other day I was walking into work and I forgot to put my mask on.

Normally, since there’s been so few people on post, I can go an entire day without encountering someone in the halls. But, that day, as I was waiting on the elevator a gentlemen – in a mask – came up behind me.

The door opened and I said “Come on, man. We’re alright. I’ll put a mask on for you.”

The guy waited for me to mask-up.

Now, with more people returning to work, I’ll be wearing a mask more often.

It’s not for me. It’s for them.

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