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A week after opening bids for phase 2 of the U.S. 231 repairs, ALDOT announced Friday that phase 1 had been completed.

This paves the way for phase 2 to begin in June 1.

During phase 1, Reed Contracting cleared about 220,000 cubic yards of debris caused by a landslide on Brindlee Mountain that took place back in February and shut down the portion of U.S. 231.

“We’re grateful to Reed for their hard work and flexibility to meet increasing demands while staying in sync with the timetable for bridge design and project letting for phase 2,” Seth Burkett, a spokesman for Alabama Department of Transportation, said. “Reed certainly finished early in terms of the amount of work accomplished, considering the final quantities to be removed rose as the bridge plan developed. Schedule-wise, it worked out perfectly, clearing the way in time for mobilization of the bridge contractor.”

Over the next two weeks, Brasfield & Gorrie, the contractors who won the $14.6 million bid for phase 2 of the repair project will start moving equipment in and completing prep-work on the site.

All of the aforementioned work will take place while nearly $4.2 million in custom-fabricated bridge materials that ALDOT ordered in advance to help expedite the repairs is starting to be delivered.

The bridges are expected to be completed and the road reopened before Dec. 2 and if the contractors finish earlier the company can earn up to $2.5 million in incentives.

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