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August is Antiterrorism Awareness Month.

Team Redstone will provide additional antiterrorism training and educational opportunities during August in support of the Army’s AT Awareness Month activities. Training will enhance the current level of AT awareness for Soldiers, civilians and family members.

The purpose of the observance is to instill and sustain heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect the Redstone community and critical resources from acts of terrorism. Leaders, Soldiers, civilians and family members will better understand the key antiterrorism concepts, principles, roles, responsibilities and suspicious activity reporting procedures. This campaign will also strengthen relationships with local civilian emergency response agencies such as police, fire and medical emergency response agencies to enhance responses to acts of terrorism and other hazardous events.

The areas of primary focus include: Recognize and report suspicious activity with emphasis on implementation of iWATCH Army and iSALUTE; Threat Awareness and Reporting Program; Operations Security; Insider Threat; Unmanned Aircraft; and Cyber Security and Awareness.

The goal is to ensure our military, civilians, family members, retirees and Army contractors understand the key antiterrorism concepts, principles, roles, responsibilities, protection measures and suspicious activity reporting procedures.

The following sites provide additional awareness and training information awareness material:

• ATEP (SharePoint):

• One Source:

• iWATCH Army:

• Echoes:

• DoS US Passports & International Travel:

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